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Gabriel & Mary-Lou


SUNDAY,  August 26th 2007

MOUNT MANSFIELD, Vermont, USA my order #1/21
Canyon North Trail  & Subway
Halfway House Trail, Canyon North Trail then up to Long Trail to Chin, Long Trail back to Subway Loop and Sunset Ridge Down
With Gabriel

HIKING  start 9h09 AM
DENIVELATION 762 m. + Down and up for Subway ?? + up and down for Cantilever Rock ??
MAJOR DIFFICULTY  Canyon North Trail and Subway : WOW !!
TOTAL LENGTH  12,6 km 7,85 miles
TIME   7 h 30  
 High 50s°F / 100% Humidity!!!
Blue markers lead the way up and down.. the Long Trail on top had white markers.  Everything very clear.

 UP  Eagle Trail, CCC Road, Halfway House Trail,  and almost completely ACROSS : Canyon North Trail,
2h30 mins  / 1565 calories / 35% fat / AveHR 133 80% / MaxHR 159  95% / 1h45 mins inZone (75%+)

LUNCH Just a little before the Short-cut up to Long Trail
11 mins

Last Short-Cut to  Long Trail to CHIN
1h29 mins  / 861 calories / 40% fat / AveHR 127 76% / MaxHR 157  94% / 47 mins inZone (75%+)
The Canyon North Trail had taken everything out of me.. not physically, but emotionally. and we didn't know if the Subway would be even more difficult. Gabriel was also very willing not to do the Subway section at this time.

 DOWN   : Long Trail, Short-cut, Subway ,  ( Counter clock-wise loop )
mins  / 501 calories / 45% fat / AveHR 126 75% / MaxHR 155  93% / 26 mins inZone (75%+)
Gabriel's suggestion to do the part we didn't do this morning, now that we knew where it ended and had done the rest of the climb. I asked someone who seemed to know the area if the Subway was more difficult than the Canyon North Trail and she said "No, except there's a little more in the "open". I later understood that to mean  you fall real far if you slip.... so extreme caution is necessary.

Long Trail to Sunset Ridge Trail to Cantilever Rock, and short lunch
mins  / 648 calories / 50% fat / AveHR 116 69% / MaxHR 146  87% / 11 mins inZone (75%+)

Cantilever Rock, Sunset Ridge Trail to Eagle Trail to Parking

59 mins  / 406 calories / 60% fat / AveHR 105 63% / MaxHR 129  77% / 2 mins inZone (75%+)

1) The Canyon North Trail and Subway would have been extremely dangerous if they  had been wet.
2) It's better to go UP Halfway House trail than down.
3) This is definately NOT a trail for the un-experienced
4) Round fasteners on Gaiters hurt too much and are dangerous in situations where you have to use your Knees to climb.
5) If because only a small hike is planned, you workout real hard at the gym the days before the hike, beware if you change you plans to a difficult hike
6) Wear my contact lenses...


Gabriel  on the Canyon North Trail and then in Short-cut between Canyon North Trail and Long Trail.

Of course we couldn't take pictures when we were in difficult situations. / Later I find out this is called Scrambling.. (not hiking)

Excellent and very well deserved Restaurant in Cowansville

BED AT 1h30 PM


SUNDAY,  September 16th 2007

CAMEL'S HUMP, Vermont, USA my order #2/21
Dean & Long Trail up , Monroe down

HIKING  start 8h47 AM at Duxbury Parking Area
MAJOR INTEREST  Two sections of the Long Trail, before reaching the top.
TOTAL LENGTH  12,5 km 7,8 miles
 5 h 45
 High 40s°F very little wind, except at the top

VERMONT QUARTER With Camel's Hump at the left side.

 UP  Monroe Trail to intersection, Dean Trail to Wind Gap, Long Trail to Montclair Glen Lodge, back on Long Trail to Wind Gap.
h39 mins  / 966 calories / 40% fat / AveHR 128  77% / MaxHR 154  92% / 1h00 mins inZone (75%+)

Wind Gap to snack at about the 1000 m contour line ant then to the top
1h55 mins  / 11002 calories / 40% fat / AveHR 127 76% / MaxHR 159  95% / 1h04 mins inZone (75%+)

LUNCH and walkabout
25 mins

 DOWN   : Long Trail, Monroe Trail
1h46 mins  / 729 calories / 55% fat / AveHR 110 66% / MaxHR 136  81% / 3 mins inZone (75%+)
Much easier and not as interesting as the section of the Long Trail we do coming up from the Dean Trail, but a pleasant hike down.

1) The Dean Trail is fun going up
2) There are ALOT of dogs, specially on the Monroe Trail
3) I shorten my hiking poles about 10 inches for the rocky up sections... I'd need getting used to this but they are much less in the way.
Blue markers lead the way up and down.. the Long Trail on top had white markers.  Everything very clear except at the very top where a map helps, specially if you want to do a loop.

Still a little way to go..

We're almost there.. just follow the whit markers..

BED AT 10h30 PM


SATURDAY,  September 5th 2015

Mount Abraham & Mount Ellen, Vermont my order # 3 + 4 / 21
HIKING  start : 7h20 AM (1h20 from camping site)
WEIGHT OF PACSAC : ~21  lbs including  4 liters of  water..
TOTAL LENGTH  12.6  miles : miles
TIME   8h30  hours including long stops and conversations

TEMPERATURE 15°C excellent.


.HA HA HA! I read that it was Early-Black-Bear and Grey-Squirrel hunting season since September 1st, so I didn't want to ask myself if hunters would see me.. lol

There were something like 5 little nobs between the 2 peaks. Bring Sally Up.. Bring Sally Down !

Abraham has a nice view.. including Camel's Hump and Mansfield which we see a number of times Along the way

BED AT 9h30 PM at : GIFFORD WOODS STATE PARK Lean-to : Birch



SUNDAY,  September 6th 2015

Mount Killington, Vermont 5/5 and North East 86/115  my order # 5 / 21
HIKING  start :  7h30  finish at  16h15
WEIGHT OF PACSAC : ~21  lbs including  4 liters of  water.
ASCENT   from MI 500 of AT :
TOTAL LENGTH   11,4 miles : miles
TIME    hours including long stops and conversations

TEMPERATURE 12-21° C. beautiful sunny, a little warm day.

Aches & Pains : Th


Upper Road n'est pas nécessairement un endroit publicisé pour commencer.. une chance, car il y a seulement UNE place pour stationner ( à mi-chemin entre le pont et le sentier), et le sentier n'est pas très indiqué sur la route.


Three guys doing the Long Trail South to north. They plan on doing it in 3 weeks and seemed quite curious about their first 4000-footer.. Killington, just ahead. I was sorry to say that the view from the top didn't impress me that much, but alot of people found it beautiful. I said it depends on what else you've seen in your life.


BED AT 9h30 PM



TUESDAY, July 19th 2016
Day 2

North Brother  Banner Picture is the Knife Edge, viewed from North Brother.   my order # 6 / 21
with Gabriel
HIKING  time : ~ 8 hours
PACSAC : Deuter Futura 50+ 10 Vario
4151' / x m

talked with Audrey (park ranger) / un couple québécois on the trail, at RB campground with Bob who's wife was doing a 4 day BP trip. and Jim & Jen who were with hamocks on camp #10.


Up and Down

lanned BED AT 10h30 PM Camping  Baxter State Park / Roaring Brook Walk-In  Lean-to #11



WEDNESDAY, July 20th 2016
Day 3

on Kathadin : towards Baxter Peak 
but too windy STOP at 4 000 Feet altitude

with Gabriel and for about 2 hours with Jim Shields (JPS Mountain Adventures)   & Jen.
HIKING  time : ~ 6  hours
PACSAC : Deuter Futura 28AC
Baxter : 5268'

talked with : Jim & Jen who started out 40 mins before us but waited because of the wind. / girl & John, her "going on 80" years old grandfather / 3 guys who also came down because of the wind. /

BLUE LINE to 4000' : too windy to summit

LEFT: It was fun until it lasted

BUT in hiking "be prepared" also means "be prepared to turn back". and 45-50 mph winds kept us wise. After long discussions, and lots of thoughts, at 4000' we sadly turned back. // more on this later.

planned BED AT 10h30 PM Camping  Baxter State Park / Roaring Brook Walk-In  Lean-to #11


THURSDAY, July 21th 2016
Day 4

Talked with Ranger Rob who said yesterday's winds on KE were in the "Upper 40s" miles per hour.

Kathadin Hamlin Peak   my order # 7 / 21
with Gabriel
HIKING  time : ~  11 hours
WEATHER  :  It would have been a good day to do the Knife Edge, but we were still troubled by yesterday's failure and wanted to be sure to "summit" today (as sure as we can be) and since we'd still have to come back to do Hamlin Peak, we decide to do this one today, and come back maybe in 2 years to finish the 115 with Baxter Peak.



Talked with a father & son from Montreal ( originally from Slovenia) . Gaby had met them yesterday. / I talk too much.







BED AT 10h30 PM Camping  Baxter State Park / Roaring Brook Lean-to #8



TUESDAY, August 2nd 2016

Day 1

4h30 AM : CAR TRIP to Maine

Mount Avery & West Bigelow  95 & 96 / 115   my order # 8 + 9 / 21
with Gabriel singing "Climb Avery Mountain.."
HIKING  time : ~  mins :
Length :  miles
WEATHER  :  beautiful sunny, 18°C

BELOW : I loose the bottom section of one of my hiking poles, coming down from Avery towards the car.

BED AT 9h30 PM
Herbert Grand Hotel, upgraded to room 312, Kingfield, ME, supper at Longfellow Restaurant across the street.



WEDNESDAY, August 3rd 2016

Day 1

My car (Hyundai Accent 2013) :  last 1/2 mile very difficult because my car is low, and the road is bad!!

Mount Abraham 97/115   my order # 10 / 21
with Gabriel
HIKING  time : ~ 7h10 mins / start at: 8h00
Length :  miles
WEATHER  :  A little on the warm side.. but nice / hardly a breeze on top, don't even need to put on a shirt, even though I'm drenched in sweat from the climb.

Join the FB "NE 111ERS club" "Hello, Bonjour ! I'm starting to believe I'll make it. It's my husband, Gabriel GagMan Guénette 's aim.. but I'm ready and willing. We're 46ers #8433 and #8434.. and at 41/48 ; 0/2 ; 5/5 ; 5/10 so 97/115 . I have a Fitness Log where I'm tracking the adventure .. It doesn't necessairly give much information, but shares how I'm doing and what I've learned : Marykaa/hikes Timoty Thivierge thanks for organising this club, I'm sure to love reading how everyone is doing. "


BELOW : The trail is really devided into 2 parts "A walk in the park" and "The Climb"

CAR TRIP HOME first half mile VERY BAD / Thanks Gabriel for your patience and care in driving.

BED AT 10h30 PM



WEDNESDAY,  July 18th 2018
20mins drive to Trail Head.

HUNTER MOUNTAIN,   CATSKILLS,  NY ,  NE104 / 115   my order # 11 / 21
With Gabriel , very regular steep grade,
HIKING  start 7h05 am Finish at 12h15 pm (20 mins lunch) (8h35 mins total)
SHORT km very regular grade all the way, mostly in the shade 'til the top,

12°C -> 18°
C—  sunny but shaded /

MAP : We chose a short but steep route.. with blue (B) trail markers all the way up and then  have a little trouble finding the yellow trail down . It's like a GAP on the map It only had a yellow stick to mark it's beginning and a guy who "knows" the trail said it went to a "pipe spring" It did, but it is also the right path we were looking for.

ABOVE : tentsite # 14 was smaller than we thought and very close to the road. Behind the site was a little ravine and a trail to the stream. I didn't want to camp close to the stream in case there were mosquitos, but there weren't any. +

RIGHT: Live edges are very popular in design these days.. is this a Live Edge pic-nic table? LOL


BED AT 8h00 PM Woodland Valley Campground, NY



THURSDAY,  July 19th 2018

40 mins drive to Trail Head.

SLIDE MOUNTAIN, CATSKILLS, NY,  NE105 / 115   my order # 12 / 21
With Gabriel
HIKING  start 7h00 am Finish at 12h35 pm
?? km ve
10°C -> 15°
C— sunny but shaded  

Up Wittenberg-Cornell Trail and  down the Curtis-Ormsbee trail.. We eat lunch at the star to the right of the summit. It's worth the extra steps.

The view is not exactly from the top, but a little further. It's not as high as most high peaks we've done, but the lakes are nice.


BED AT 10h00 PM Woodland Valley Campground,  NY


WEDNESDAY,  July 24th 2018
60 mins drive to Trail Head.

my order # 13 + 14 / 21

With Gabriel ,
HIKING  start 8h05 am Finish at 2h15 pm
Have a little trouble finding the right ski slope since the names of the slopes are not marked at the BOTTOM of the slopes.





BED AT 8h00 PM  Maine State Park Campground.. .. site #131.


THURSDAY,  July 25th 2018

1h07 mins drive to Trail Head.

 OLD SPECK MOUNTAIN, MAINE / NE108 / 115   my order # 15 / 21
With Gabriel
HIKING  start 6h30 am Finish at 1h30 pm
?? km ve

MAP : We'll have to come back to do The Eyebrow. It is said that it's better to do it going up, and we didn't want much of an adventure or longer route since there were thunderstorms forecast in the afternoon. 

ABOVE LEFT : I really enjoyed the speckled aspect of the trail. Even more so since we couldn't see the view because of the low cloud cover. ABOVE RIGHT : Nice place to take a lunch break. The falls are actually quite high, dosen't how on the pic.


BED AT 7h00 PM   Maine State Park Campground.... site #131.














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