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specific Warmups



broke the 12 minutes deadline.

?? 2006



I'm not one much for warm-ups.. But sometime you have to..

In fencing competitions I used the preliminary rounds to warm up.. except at big competitions..

When I taught fencing.. warm-up time was a good way of getting everyone to focus on what was ahead

When I hike or xc-ski.. I'll just go at it.. and will be warmed up after a while anyways.

at the gym :

12 minutes.. why?

  • I was traumatized in junior high school by the Cooper test.. couldn't run for mor than 8-9 minutes.. so now I now I just NEED to get to 12 mins every time I can.

  • to get a feel of my energy level. I try to maintain an AveHR or 115.. and sometimes it's real easy, and sometimes I just can't. after doing that for months.. I've really gotten to see a pattern about how the WU goes.. and how the rest of my training will be. When I'm on the slow side.. I can already tell myself that maybe I'll work on my form or leave some exercises til the end, just in case I don't make it..and when I know I feel good, I up my weights as soon as I have in inkling to do it.

  • to rid my head of the day's worries and thoughts. The gym isn't far from my workplace and the ride over by car isn't long enough.

  • to do something (cycling) while doing shoulder rotations and streches, wrist flexions and extentions.. neck exercieses, that really make me feel good.

However, I want to start doing some specific warm-ups before lifting at least a minimal amount, that would definately be good.

MARCH  2006