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Late Sunday afternoon.. 20 mins before closing time. I asked the trainers at the reception desk if I could take some pictures, and even if they said yes.. I was shy to, so I took them quite quickly. I'll surely have more to ramble about my gym.. but I was anxious to share these with you, so.. here are the pictures :

1) The enterance and Coat room is just to the left.the Climbers and Treadmills are in the far end near the bikes, there are 2 rowing machines of which we can just see the large wheel.. Notice that the dress code requires T-Shirts with sleeves. This makes for mre of a highschool atmosphere than a meat-market. The ventilation is excellent, even when the gym is full. Every one also has to have a towel but there are also paper towels and disinfectant sprey bottles to wipe the cardio equipement if we want to.  In this picture, we can see a few of the TVs.. there are  8 (I have to check that)  in the main gym and 3 in the ladies only section. some are on the sports channel while others televise regular channels with the writing for death people on the screen.

2) Moving forwards these are half the machines back to back and the filing cabinets for the paper logs,  the clipboards and pencils are to the right.The hallway leads to the lockers and the Ladies Only section.


3) This is the second half of the machines, again in two rows back to back. These two pictures are what I see when I'm on the elipticals. At the Far Left is the group fitness room, to the right.. the half-wall with the stretching mats just behind it.. and the semi-trans-lucid windows to the Ladies Only section.

4) Furthur down to the right is the Free weights section with the BBs and the Larger DBs . On the yellow wall is the reservation pannel for the cardio equipement. We don't need to reserve for the stationary bikes. the rest we can reserve for maximum 20 minutes each.

5) and the smaller DBs.. on the other side in front of the mirrors.


6) Seems the lifters don't train much on Sunday afternoons lol


7) having gone through the fee weights section  and back up towards the locker rooms there is a half-wall.

8) that gives a little intimacy to  the stretching and mats section.

9) furthur down the hall is the Ladies Only section.. there are a few mats near the windows for stretching etc.. (the windows give on the stretching area in the main gym.) The main gym is 2 stories high, but the Ladies Only section is one story high with offices above it (I think.. anyways.. there are stairs in the hall way going somewhere..) There's a reservation pannel in the hallway for the cardio equipement.


10)There will be machines added but they got rid of the old ones a few months ago. I think it is mostly to compete with the "Curves" ladies only gyms.. 


11) There are no Barbells and the Dumbbells only go up to 30 lbs.

I didn't take any pictures of the group fitness room..