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My High Intensity Interval Training Trainers

I  asked some friends  to send me .wav voice recordings  that I used to tell me the time and encourage me in my different intervals during my HIIT on the Eliptical.


Besides acutally doing the intervals, I had to look at the clock, look at my written list of the times I had to start my intervals, change the resistance on the machine and watch at how many METs I was  working at and sometimes check my HR. This was alot.

Once, listening to a Personal Trainer help the guy next to me on an eliptical like mine I got the idea to make my own trainer.  I used Acoustica audio mixer to do an .mp3 recording (music and voices) that I listen to while training. I have made three so far :

15 secs - 90 secs
1 min - 2 min
3 min - 3 min

and have been using since November 2005 with great success.

I plan to make more.. to vary the music and the voices.and I need  a 15secs - 15 secs intervals that I haven't done at all yet.

The messages can be on one recording, as long as the person leaves a few seconds between the different messages. No need to time anything..I can cut and paste them where they have to be.

(you may have better ideas,   I'm no PT myself)

  • the interval will start in 30 seconds  

  • 15 seconds  

  • 10 seconds  

  • 5  

  • 3, 2, 1, GO!  

  • GO!!  

  • 30 seconds left (to the interval)  

  • 15 seconds left  

  • 10  

  • 5  

  • OVER! or STOP! or RELAX.. ??  

  • 1st interval  

  • 2nd interval  

  • 3rd interval  

  • 4th interval  

  • 5th interval  

  • 6th interval  

  • 7th interval  

  • 8th interval  

  • 9th interval  

  • ?? ??  

  • encouragements like "go" "you can do it".. ?? ?? you can actually record more than one at a a crowd encouraging me you ..... this is crazy   

  • instructions like "go faster" "breath" ?? ??

Each person recorded the message with his  idea on the intonnations it should have. You  can have the same message with more than one innotation.


When I had  all the messages and music I needed.. I  mixed them  in the proper timeline, with the right music in the background on the audio mixer and converted it to .mp3s. 

I encourage anyone who does HIITs, whether on cardio machines or just running outside to make some and try it. However after getting Acoustica Audio Mixer I learned that is free and very good.