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October 13th 2005

First of all, thanks for dropping in and I know I have to learn the right terms.. please excuse my clumsiness explaining the training!

Now here goes more about me..

Just to put the training into context

Joining a gym was the BEST gift I have ever given myself. I feel so lucky to have all those facilities available. I can still hardly believe it.

I was born in 1954, I'm 5’6½” and weigh around 136 pounds at the begining of this log. I’m a mesomorph with a long sports background (fencing, wilderness canoeing, hiking). But often a few years without training.

When I was 28 I paralised waist down due to a vascular malformation mixed with an epidural for a C-Section. Took me 2 years to learn to walk again, after 5 years it was still “work” to climb a set of stairs. Today what I have left of this is my left foot’s metatarses are "collapsed" ("affaisées" in french), so even with a support and good running shoes, they hurt if I run or jump too much on hard ground.

I joined a gym in June 2005 after 2 years of group fitness classes 2x a week in a local school. Between June and mid-September I did total body programs about 2-3 times a week. Since mid-September I'm doing a pre-cross-country-skiing weights program that I asked my (not personnal) trainer to perpare for me. The cardio program I decided on my own. I also participate in a group fitness class once a week at the gym, and I just bought poles to integrate nordic walking when I go on mountain hikes. I eat sensibly, but that is definately something I'll have to check out more later..

GOALS ? No bulking for me, but I’d love to have enough endurance to go X-Country skiing 4-5 hours and still be in shape to dance all night.. well.. let’s say to dance into the wee hours of the night..

I'd be very thankful for any help, advice or critiques and don't mind some teasing since I'm sure it's all in good faith.

*takes a deep breath* [Eek!] ooufff that was quite a workout putting all that down!


UPDATE 2006  Since 1982..there was BEFORE I paralysed, and AFTER I paralysed.. but since I climbed Mt. Washington.. in September... I have a 3rd life. NOW is NOW.