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WEDNESDAY, July 12th 2017


Won't be doing much before the trek starting on Sunday.. so I better do something.PLANNED .AND DONE !
I slept well but woke up with a terrible headache.. Tylénol , breakfast & Coffee put me back on track and I feeeeeel goood :)

As usual Xoom as timer with SPARTACUS APP.  . routine on Blackboard, have music from ceiling speakers, have ceiling fan,  and  floor fan. Add to that water, a headband, a towel.  today : Steps at 8"
I  thought of a new way to do the jump squats.
instead of doing them "on the spot" I do one stepping forward, one stepping back. : so my foot on the steps is always at the same spot (middle length-wise) but I step à little forwards and a little backwards.. It feels very different.

SPARTACUS :  1 min each.15 secs rests Do the whole thing 3 times
1 Step-up L/R
2 Traverses
3 Power Squats

 TRX Triceps  

5 Skaters  
6 TRX Push-ups
7 Pneus rapides L/R   
8 Jump squats L/R  
9 Butt lifts    
10 Corners

have car completely packed and leave at 10h00 am

LUNCH at Albi's new apartement,

AFTERNOON at M's / leave for airport at 4h00 pm (Merci Manou)

Week 1 / Day 1
Airplane :

AC 0828

8:55 pm

length of trip : 7h 05m 

Air Canada

Montreal (YUL)




(Sans escales)

47A / 47C  

Numéro de confirmation de la compagnie aérienne AENMVA


THURSDAY, July 13th 2017
Week 1 / Day 2 arrive at LYON
Weather :  Sunny & warm

10:00 am (juil. 13) AirCanada vol 0828

Lyon (LYS)

Saint Exupery


LUNCH with Gabriel, Garp + Caroline, / auto 2 km / tramway / walk / resto "Toutes les couleurs"  réservé / DÉVIATIONS!

It is SOOO good to meet-up with Garp again, it's been such a long time!  And meeting Caroline is very special as well. The trip is already a success for me LOL.

go get car at Eurocar...
Peugeot 208

ROAD TRIP TO TURIN, Italy : 5h00 / péages
VIA IS NOT THE SAME AS VIALE, Motorcycles go all over the place and the streets are narrow

BED AT 11h00 PM  : NEAR TURIN. Pacific Hotel Airport  Réservé
Viale Martiri Della Liberta 76, Borgaro Torinese, TO, 10071 Italy tel: 866-297-0712

FRIDAY, July 14th 2017
Week 1 / Day 3
Weather :  Sunny & very warm , luckily we have air conditionning in the car

10h00 AM CLUB ALPINISTE ITALIEN :  BUY CAI CARDS for discount in Rifugios and Rescue in the mountains.
Via Barbaroux 1, la sede amministrativa, Sliding wooden doors puzzle us. Getting out from the underground parking is quite an adventure in spiral driving, that Gaby finds nervewrecking.

ROAD TRIP  TURIN TO  FONZASO (near Feltre)  : ~4h45 / péages

BED AT 10h30 PM m FELTRE : Antico Albergo Sant'Antonio  Réservé
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 5, Fonzaso, 32030, IT  +3904395073 / Christian and aunt & uncle help us alot.

SATURDAY, July 15th 2017

This is the Dream Trip Gaby and I planned to celebrate our 20 years together.




Photo Album : Les Dolomites — 2017

Week 1 / Day 4
Weather :  Sunny & 28°C  

Parking the car :  Antico Albergo Sant'Antonio  We leave car for 2 weeks
 Hotel owner gives us a ride, then BUS & TRAIN   FELTRE TO SAN ANDREA env. 3h47 mins
Christian's uncle  : drives us to train station! but the train is replaced by a bus for the first part of the trip.
Bus: #512 towards Trento-Autostaz Trente 1h43
EC 88 towards Munich - Trente-Bressanone 1h03   (départ 9h59 arrivée 11h02) - San Andréa by bus

Jimmic & friend lunch at San Andréa with us, then we visit Bressanone and eat Pizza for supper, then and back to San Andréa

BED AT 10h30 PM SAN ANDRÉA Réservé
à payer sur place- Panoramahotel Post Dorrstrasse 32 - Localita St-Andrea, Bressanone, 39042 
Tel: 39 04 72 85 00 62

ACCES to AV2 :
Stilfser / Grappa
/ Speck / Wood Carving / Tris di Canederli /Polenta /Apfelstrudel
Game meat
, such as cervo (deer), daino (fallow deer), capriolo (roe buck), Camoscio (chamois, or a goat-antelope native to Europe), and stambecco (ibex, or mountain goat).
Tris of Pasta of Rifugio Averau


SUNDAY, July 16th 2017
Week 1 / Day5  / DOLOMITES AV2 - TREK DAY 1 — 4 h 00 — Cablecar 9 mins & 3k / +400-0m/  + Mont Télégrafo

Weather :  Sunny & warm

Meeting Jimmic for the first time after knowing him on internet for about 20 years is quite a treat.

We talked mostly english because it was the common language with his German friend. I didn't get enough of listening to his french. LOL



 *For every 1,000 meters you climb, the temperature will drop 6.5°C

Weather in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
Elevation 1,224m (4,016')  Latitude 45°52'N   Longitude 007° 36'E


29°C / 84.2°F

15°C / 59°F


28°C / 82.4°F

15°C / 59°F

With Jimmic & friend

We take the Cable car for this first day because we don't want to start with the equivlent of Mt-Washington LOL

From Cable car to Plose 1h30
Mt. Telegrfo 1h15


What a beautiful place for a swing!

I get a slight sunburn on my forearms and we will be very careful about protecting ourselves from the sun for the rest of the trip.

Talk with a lady from a group of 4 germans doing 4 days.

In the evening go see where we'll start tomorrow.

map  TABACCO  # 030 - 1
** map # is the TABACCO number of the map and the "-1" is the number of the 11" x 17" copy I made of that section of the map. 

BED AT 10h00 PM Plose / Citta de Bressanone  Réservé
is opened daily from 18:30 till 19.30 for dinner (dinner is what we call supper)

MONDAY, July 17th 2017
Week 1 / Day 6 /  DOLOMITES AV2 - TREK DAY 2  — 6 h 05 — 13k/+610-760m/4h00
Weather :  Sunny & 26°C  


I always said the Alps are majestic, the Rockies are grandiose.. I agree with the word that Sharon used for the AV2 Dolomites :  DRAMATIC./ Meet Jens N and Dorrit I, hope we'll stay in touch. / We see Marmottes. There aren't many animals in the Dolomites. / A group of 4 didn't reserve so they have to go 30 mins furthur but that refugio is quite quainte. If there wasn't the other refugio so close they probably could have slept on an extra mattress somewhere, the refugios "have to" provide a place to stay. / There are clothes lines at most of the refugios.

map  TABACCO # 030 - 1   &   # 030 - 2   &   # 07 - 3

BED AT ? 10h30 PM Genova Réservé
TEL: 0472 670072 or 347 2667694

TUESDAY, July 18th 2017
Week 1 / Day 7 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 3 — 6 h 30 —  12k/+820-645m/5h00
Weather :  Sunny & warm
Start at 8h00 am


ABOVE : Take my shower at 5h40 am. because there are very few showers. / Some sections of the trail are difficult to follow.


BELOW : There is a long up-hill  in the sun. The trail zig-zags, but unfortunately it is only at times in the shadow of the mountain.

ABOVE : The first Edelweiss that I saw was alone and very small.. but it was the first I saw in nature.. I took a couple of pictures of it.. but that wasn't enough.. so I took a selfie of the Edelweiss and me.. And Gaby took a pic of me taking the selfie LOL

NOTE : Have wiener schnitzel for supper, and the portion is so large I have enough for 2 more meals!

map  TABACCO  # 030 - 2   &   # 07 - 3

BED AT 9h30 PM Puez Réservé
/ 795365 or 338 5362580

WEDNESDAYJuly 19th 2017
Week 2 / Day 8 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 4  — 7 h 20 —   9k/+660-550m/5h00
Weather :  Sunny & warm
Start at 8h10 am. It's a little frustrating that the "included" breakfasts are only available at 7h00 am


maybe I'll take some of the maps off the page, they were mostly for the planning part.


One long VF at the end of the day. Lots of tourists everywhere.

Gaby pricks his finger on the metal at the end of a VF.

Have a fruit salad make me very happy. we don't have enough fruits or vegetables. / Everything is expensive. Supplys come by helicopter. / My pack is heavy, but I'm still smiling. The girls I talk with have packs weighing 8-9 kg plus water.. Mine is 12 kg + water (total 15 kg)

map TABACCO # 07 - 3    &  # 07 - 4

BED AT 9h30 PM Pisciadu

THURSDAY, July 20th 2017
Week 2 / Day 9
/ DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 5 — 8 h 45 —  14,5k/+710-1250m/
Weather :  Sunny & warm


going down instead of cable-car there was a Rock Fall .. for about 15 secondes.. Rocks as large as a large head were falling with more small ones about 40 feet in front of me. Just One person (coming up) was there. He put his (small) pacsac over his head to protect himself and when we crossed paths and I asked him to give me my helmet his said "good idea" ,cause the same thing happened last year at the same place.

Putting the walking poles away is a good idea in VFs. but I found another way : put them short and up at the elbows.

Strong sunburn on the face, but luckily  it doesn't burn.

We don't go to sleep as early as in backpacking since breakfasts are only at 7h00 am.

map  TABACCO # 07 - 4    &    # 015 -5

BED AT 10h00 PM Castiglioni / Lago di Fedala Réservé
462 601117 or 0462 601681

FRIDAY, July 21th 2017 ON
Week 2 / Day 10
/ DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 6 — 2 h 00 + Walkabout on Marmolada — autobus ~5k/+990-0m/3h
Weather :  Sunny & warm:



Everything is closed between 12h30 and 3h30 PM

We were going to take the bus but changed our plans because the earliest one was at 10AM and taxk 80E / we don't go completely to the top of Marmolada because of the clouds that cover the top section, but it's still nice. I'm tired.

map  TABACCO  # 015 - 5


BED AT 10h30 PM Refugio O. Falier Réservé
Malga Ciapala
: very nice room and showers.

SATURDAY, July 22th 2017
Week 2 / Day 11
/ DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 7 — 7 h 00 — ~12k/+830-965m/
Weather : when we start out at 6h50 am it's raining lightly for about the first hour, then later cloudy and 15°C

Learn to zig-zag in the zig-zags" Gaby washes his clothes and we dry them with a hair-dryer!/ buy lip-sil and sausage./ Gaby charges solar battery and is surprised how well it goes.

map  TABACCO # 015 - 6

BED AT 10h30 PM  San Pelegrino - Arnika Hotel Réservé CRAZY : the supper was INCLUDED, but we were so tired that we forgot! and ate at the bar. it was good but we'll be laughing at ourselve for a long time!!!

SUNDAY, July 23th 2017
Week 2 / Day 12 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 8 — 8 h 08 —  
13k /+1346-781m/6h15
                                                                                                                               (bypass suggested if bad weather and bad weather it is! )

Weather :  Sunny & warm

Above : There are some "assissted" trail sections that are quite pleasant to follow.
Left: Let's all remember to hydrate..
we do a detour in the forest because we don't see a sign on the ski slope.: I say "our next hiking trip will be to Saskatchawan!" LOL / There are some aided stretches we could do / and do / without the VF equipement./ a guy who did it 50 years ago is surprised that I'm 63 :)

map  TABACCO # 06 - 6a    &    # 022 - 7

planned BED AT 10h30 PM ?? Mulaz  Réservé

MONDAY, July 24th 2017
Week 2 / Day 13 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 9 — 5 h 00 —  8km/+860-850m/4h15
Weather :  Weather :  Sunny in the morning.. and then Rain.. lots of rain. with a short bout of thunderstrom when we decide to go down to San Marino instead of taking the alternate route (that was safer than the high road )

the map was what was planned.. but what we did was different.. started on a safer route but then, even that was bad because of the rain/thunderstorm, so we went back down.

ABOVE : The morning was beautiful and it we were "faster" we would have taken a chance on the high road, but we knew that we couldn't make it to the next refugio in 4 hours, so we played it safe.

map  TABACCO # 022 - 7    &    # 022 - 8

BED AT 8h45 PM  Rosetta Réservé
San Martino - Résidences Lasté -with Lara / pizza for supper.

TUESDAY, July 25th 2017
Week 2 / Day 14 /  DOLOMITES AV2 - TREK DAY 10 — 8 h 00 —  14k/+820-1770m/6h15
Weather :  Sunny & warm


the map was what was planned.. but what we did was different.. start with a cable car up from San 8h00 AM. to Rosetta  and a lunch at Pradidali. in the afternoon we started out towards Trevisio but we weren't sure of the route because there was a Via Ferrata that was NOT on the map. We went up, but the clouds were getting bad. We went back down.. just in time to be on reletivaly safe but open ground during a 20 mins hail storm.


not fair. some get to be teleported to where they want! ;)

map  TABACCO # 022 - 8

 planned BED AT 10h30 PM   Treviso  Réservé

WEDNESDAY, July 26th 2017
Week 3 / Day 15 /  DOLOMITES AV2 - TREK DAY 11 — 7 h 00 —  9k/+700-1200m/4h30
Weather :  Sunny & warm


ABOVE :We were told at Pradidali that yesterday we WERE on the right trail, so again this morning we go up the Via Ferrata.. that was fun to do again.

BELOW : but the descent after made us realize that we took the right decision in not continuing yesterday. ( see picture take from tomorrow's trail)

LEFT RED LINE : At the top of the RED  line is where we come over the top..

NOTE :  This is just a guess of where the trail is.. if you know better, tell me!

LEFT BLACK X : At the black X there is a Bivouac that sleeps about 12 people and there's a dining table for about 6. It takes at least a 16 mega pixel camera for it to show up as a pixel.. that gives an idea of the size of the mountain.


map  TABACCO # 022 - 8    &    # 022 - 9

planned BED AT 10h30 PM  Treviso  Réserved yesterday

THURSDAY, July 27th 2017
Week 3 / Day 16 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 12 — 7 h 00 —  14k/+1060-700m/7h15
Weather :  Sunny & warm 


BELOW : I was thinking I should make an Album of pictures  where we are inconspicuous and call it " Who's There?" or.. "Can you see me?" /  But more seriously, notice how the trail is angled.. Sometimes it's wide, sometimes narrow but offen at the same steep angle as the mountain, so we always have to concentrate.

NOTE : The mixture of Pinacles and ravines  is quite "étourdissant" when we turn around too quickly or too often.


humm, I'll have to check which map is the right one for today..

map  TABACCO # 022 - 9

BED AT 11h30 PM  Boz  Réservé
Passo Cerada  Réservé

FRIDAY, July 28th 2017
Week 3 / Day 17 /  DOLOMITES AV2 - TREK DAY 13 
Weather :  Sunny & warm  



map  TABACCO # 022 - 9    &    # 022 - 10

planned BED AT 10h30 PM  : back to where we started  Antico Albergo Sant'Antonio  Réservé
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 5, Fonzaso, 32030, IT  +3904395073

SATURDAY,  July 29th 2017
Week 3 / Day 18 / DOLOMITES AV2 -  TREK DAY 14
Weather :  Sunny & warm
                   Malga Ciapala - souvenirs                                                                   



map  TABACCO # 023 - 10   &   023 - 11e



planned BED AT 10h30 PM Casa Al Moro / citta Rocca  Pietore, Italie 

SUNDAY,  July 30th 2017
Week 3 / Day 19 /
Weather :  Sunny & warm


attention.. c'est dimanche!

planned BED AT 10h30 PM Casa Al Moro / citta Rocca   Pietore Italie  .

MONDAY July 31th 2017
Week 3 / Day 20 — 5 h 00 —  (CINQUE TORRI)  (auto 51min)
Weather :  Sunny & warm



planned BED AT 10h30 PM Casa Al Moro / citta Rocca Pietore Italie 

TUESDAY,  August 1st 2017
Week 3 / Day 21 — 5 h 00 —  Téléfériques & rando Ski Civetta


The butterfly seems to like the map that I put dots on to mark where we're going.. good way to mark the map temporairly.

planned BED AT 10h30 PM Casa Al Moro / citta Rocca Pietore, Italie 

WEDNESDAY,  August 2nd 2017
Week 4 / Day 22
Weather :  Sunny & warm

CAR TRIP VERS LA SUISSE : 6h30 (Autoroutes/Péage) ou 10h30 (sans péages)


BED AT 10h30 PM  ???
Hotel Restaurant du Crêt réservé
Route du Grand-St-Bernard 33Bourg-Saint-Pierre1946Suisse, 866-202-1815
Hôtel à Bourg-Saint-Pierre avec une piscine couverte et un restaurant
Wi-Fi gratuit et parking gratuit

THURSDAY,  August 3rd 2017
Week 4 / Day 23
Weather :  Sunny & warm

Combe de l'A


This is a protected nature preserve with a wealth of exceptional flora and fauna. With care and patience, visitors can observe roe deer, stags and chamois.


UP:Distance: 10.7 km
Vertical metres: +1224 m, -87 m
Total hiking time: 4h15
Then DOWN..

BED AT 10h30 PM  ???

Hotel Restaurant du Crêt réservé

FRIDAY,  August 4th 2017
Week 4 / Day 24
Weather :  Sunny & warm

si on en veut encore.. :

à Arolla : 1h25 de Liddes.. (péages) suggestion de Jerome 

"tu devrais considerer Arolla dans un day trip, Nendaz est très touristique, le val d'herens est tres montagne plutot 🙂/// Arolla, les Hauderes, la ssge, ferpecle, des lieux mythiques pour l'alpinisme suisse ///Pointe de la tza "


But finally we had enough hiking, and Jerome tells us that the road to Arolla is quite bad. so St-Bernard is just a nice walk about, and we get to stay with Jerome a little longer.


BED AT 10h30 PM CHEZ JEROME, Liddes, Vallée du Grand St-Bernard, Suisse

SATURDAY,  August 5th 2017
Week 4 / Day 25
Weather :  Sunny & warm

Three days with the man we both so love to read. He is as wonderful in person as in his writings.

I'll keep his warm smile with such joyful eyes for my memory, since I couldn't quite get a picture that truly renders its effect.

Competition Tire à l'arc.



BED AT 10h30 PM CHEZ JEROME, Liddes, Vallée du Grand St-Bernard, Suisse

SUNDAY,  August 6th 2017
Week 4 / Day 26
Weather :  Sunny & warm


BED AT 10h30 PM   CHEZ JEROME, Liddes, Vallée du Grand St-Bernard, Suisse

MONDAY,  August 7th 2017
Week 4 / Day 27
Weather :  Sunny & warm


AIRPLANE BACK TO MONTRÉAL delayed until tomorrow!


afternoon with ECP then supper and evening with him and his girlfriend Nathalie !

BED AT 10h30 PM à LYON CHEZ ECP  et Nathalie

TUESDAY,  August 8th 2017
Week 4 / Day 28
Weather : Heavy rain just as we go to bring back the car

Get up at 6h00 am , ECP drives us to his car at his work place for 8h00. Nice to have time to talk with him during breakfast and car ride.

Check-in luggage and then Bring rented car back to Airport
Restituez le véhicule sur le parking Europcar situé dans la zone «Location de voitures» de l’aéroport

Route, D517 E, Zone loueur Aéroport Lyon Saint Exupéry 69125 Colombier Saugnieu

We wait 1h20mins in plane before it takes off, because it has to change a tire! arrive in Montréal  at 2h45 since it took less time for the flight because of good winds. (says the pilot)

AC 0829

11h40 am

1h45 pm

8h 05m 

Air Canada

Lyon (LYS)

Montreal (YUL)



Saint Exupery


(Sans escales)

47A / 47C    

Numéro de confirmation de la compagnie aérienne AENMVA


Manou comes to pick us up.. we eat at Mangiamo's then go to his place to see ML, A &T before going home

DIET : (-10 lbs)  138 lbs.. the bets are on as to how long I can maintain this weight..


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