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but I have to cut things at times to listen to my body

10 mins
Dynamic WU
60 mins New Rules of Lifting:Strength 1
60 mins Energie Yoga 1

60 mins
Ballroom Dance Class

40 mins
cardio ~ including  HIIT*

120 mins Group-fitness classes :
Combo Aéro-Step
and Body Design

30 mins Steps / 30 mins Cardio, including High Intensity Intervals. very varied. / 60 mins strenght workout. Body Weight, DBs, Elastics, patners.. some stretching at the end of each class

Friday **
10 mins
Dynamic WU
60 mins New Rules of Lifting:Strength 1
20 mins
cardio ~ HIIT*

Saturday **
2 - 4 hours hiking or dancing

Day off

*might be wishful thinking, but I've got to get it in somewhere
If I don't have a big hike planned for the week-end, I'll do my hiking on Friday, and my NROL on Saturday.


I color code the logs

ooo Lowered  weights,  reps or sets
ooo Upped  weight, reps or sets
ooo Pleasant surprise

REMINDER: I think that my maxHR is above Astrand's 220-age, but I still use that formula for the % since I don't know my exact maxHR and just want to compare one WO with another.

SATURDAY, October  14th 2006


I started logging on October 14th 2005, so I guess today is an anniversary.   Time to think about what it's worth.

What this log brings me.
*I can access it from anywhere : work, friends' house, on a trip, at home.
*My family and friends can access it to see how I'm doing.
*I can check out my programs at anytime.
*I can give the links to maps, programs, rambling, ways of doing things, places.
*I can compare hikes.
*I can easily see if I'm on the right track or how often I'm out of sorts or sick.
*I can check notes of things I learned.
*I can verify if I'm doing the things I planned to do.

What I hope this log will bring me in years to come.
*A way of tracking my progress.
*A souvenir of the efforts and pleasures of training.
*Help in ameliorating my training

What I'd like to add someday to my log
*A search box to search within my log.
*Flash roll-outs or something to jazz up the Index with.

What my log brings to others
*I can't really say, since I don't get much feed back, and I know that not many people read it.. but I do hope that somewhere someone will get inspiration or information from it.

visit my son and then  DANCE EVENING IN MONTRÉAL

Mix of  ballroom dances and more : Vienniese Waltz, Slow Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Jive, Tripple-Swing, Cha cha, Tango, Mambo, Samba, Salsa, Slows, Line dances, Disco, Batchata, Rumba
Right click and save to listen to Dances in bold.

Do-Ré-Mi Stardust  Ballroom Dancing

Gabriel had done a NROL workout in the afternoon.. so he was feeling it all evening, but we smiled alot about it, I know exactly how he felt.  We made plans to practice more.. maybe on Wednesdays in one of the schools where he works as computer tech.. could use the gym.

very-good even at the midnight buffet

BED AT 1h30 AM

SUNDAY,  October 15th 2006
Still have DOMS from the Thursday group-fitness classes. Feeling sleepy as I get to the gym at 1 PM.

WARM-UP Rowing
5 mins / AveHR  100 60%  /  MaxHR 106 63% 

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL
mins  / AveHR 104 / MaxHR 128

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist  10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch  10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 30 secs / Ruissian Twist  10
each side
4.  Inchworm 5 - 6
5.  T-Pushup 5- 6
each side
did not do the last two 'cause the squat rack just got freed and I wanted to get there before someone else would take it.

Deadlift  rest 30 secs
5 x BB 45 lbs
/ 4 x BB  95 lbs

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                               
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 : Day 11 of 16, Workout C, Week 6
57mins / AveHR  113 67%  /  MaxHR 152 90%  / 281 cals / 50 % fat /  16 mins InZone (75%+)

1) Deadlift  rest 180 secs
6 x BB 125 lbs
/ 1 x BB 195 lbs  / 6 x BB 125 lbs / 1 x BB 195 lbs / 12 x BB 120 lbs 15 x BB 115 lbs

Superset rest 90 secs  between sets
2a) Romanian Deadlifts  8  x BB 120 /  10 x BB 120 / 12  X BB 130
2b) Static Lunges ea leg  8  x BB 80 / 8  x BB 80 / 10  x BB 80

Superset with full rest (90 secs)
3a) Good-Morning  10 x 90 / 10 x 95
3b) Incline Reverse Crunch 2 x 10 :  4th bar
relaxing a little on the incline reverse crunchs but doing them in perfect tempo and range of motions

20 minutes (on Precor 546)
including 9 HIITs at 15 sec - 90 sec

AveHR  140 83%  /  MaxHR 159 95%  / 187 cals / 45 % fat /  10 mins InZone (75%+)
calutlating my weight and the work produced.. on the 7th interval I saw that I oscillated between 18 and 21 METS for the last 10 seconds of the 15 second max effort interval.

10 minutes
really needed this

I have the Break-in, Strength 1, Strength 2, Fat Loss 3 and Hypertrophy 1 Workout Excel spreadsheets done, when I'll have them all on spreadsheets, I'll make them available for direct downloading, for now I can send them to you by e-mail.
*EDIT NOVEMBER 3rd* I've added Fat Loss 1 and Fat Loss 2.

Just e-mail me with "NROL spreadsheet " in the object line of the e-mail.

 Example of NROL Excel spreadsheets

did good.

BED AT 10h30 PM

MONDAY, October 16th 2006
Exellent day. Forgot my lunchbox ( 2 meals & 2 snacks) at home but Gabriel brought it to my workplace before going to work.. That's a 50 minute detour for him! He's such a darling!

WARM-UP rowing
5 mins  / AveHR 101 / MaxHR 113
Started off real slow and sleepy

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist 10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch 10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 30 secs / Ruissian Twist  10
each side
4.  Inchworm 6
5.  T-Pushup 5  
each side

8 mins

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                               
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 : Day 12 of 16, Workout D3, Week 6
1h07mins / AveHR  97 58%  /  MaxHR 149 89%  / 232 cals / 55 % fat / 4 mins InZone (75%+)

Superset with full rest (180 secs)
1a) Chin-Up BW=147 with shoes
6 x BW -30
lbs  1,5 chin-up x BW6 x BW-40 lbs / 1,3 chin-up  x BW / 13 x BW -60 lbs
My first chin-up is real clean.. but after I have to swing a little my legs.. but that's ok.. I'm still working very hard. I'm not going to do a weighted chin-up if I can't even do 2 in a row.. and just 1 is too easy.
1b) BB Shoulder Press 
6 x BB 65 lbs
/ 1 x BB 75 lbs  / 6 x BB 65 lbs / 1 x BB 70 lbs / 12 x BB 55 lbs
I tried 75 on my second 1 rep.. but really couldn't even start to get it up.

Superset with full rest (120 secs)
2a) DB Bench Press  On Bench 1 x 8 x DB 35s, On Swiss Ball 1 x 8 x DB 30s
Steve Lussier spotted me on the 35s.. but it was realy too much, last time I only got 7 30s so I'm still glad about my 8x in the second set.
2b) Wide Grip Cable Seated Row 1 x 6 x 90 lbs,.  1 x 6 x 90
just made it..

3) Lower Body Russian Twist  (rest 90secs 30 secs)  2 x 10 mostly to relax

Had over an hour to wait before yoga.. so I had a soup at Tim Hortons, reading the newspaper. very pleasant.  (same as last time)
60 minutes  Felt real goooood. barefoot exercises for the foot feel really good and ground us for the rest of the class. Very slow but fluent mobility work

very very good

BED AT Midnight ..  30 mins later than planned..had ever more things to do than I thought.

TUESDAY,  October 17th 2006
I sleep 30 minutes on my lunch hour, to compensate for last night late bedtime. Walked, sat-down and stood up alot all afternoon.

60 mins Swing and Foxtrot
Nice mix, went well.. even though I was a little sleepy. Bought the tickets for the Halloween party, hope to get some practice before though.

I should, could have skipped the large bowl of feel good cereals after supper  .. but it felt so good..

got to get to bed real early.. BED AT 10h00 took 2 Sominex to help me. It really did.. felt great the next day.

WEDNESDAY,  October 18th 2006
work busy busy busy

WARM-UP Rowing
5 mins / AveHR  113 67%  /  MaxHR 125 74% 

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL
mins / AveHR  118 70%  /  MaxHR 206 123% ??? 
I WAS feeling a litter ferverish at the end, and my heart was pounding.... but not enough for my HR to be up at 206..??

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist 10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch  10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 40 secs / Ruissian Twist 10
each side
4.  Inchworm 6
5.  T-Pushup 5  
each side

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                             
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1: Day 13 of 16, Workout A4, Week 6
1h13mins / AveHR  117 70%  /  MaxHR 159 95%  / 385 cals / 45 % fat / 26 mins InZone (75%+)


Squat  rest 30 secs
10 x BB 45 lbs
/ 5 x BB  95 lbs / 4 x BB  145 lbs

1) Squat  rest 180 secs  / tempo : the closest I can get to 301
x BB 175 lbs / 1 x BB  200 lbs  / 6 x BB 175 lbs  / 1 x BB 200  lbs  / 10 x BB 160 lbs  /  15 x BB 150 lbs
Feeling real good for this last Workout A... could have gone higher but wanted to keep some energy for the next superset, which I had to lower weights on the last set last time.

Superset rest 90 secs  between sets / tempo : trying my best to maintain 311
2a) Bulgarian Split Squats  1 x 15 ea side; DB 25s / 2 x 15 ea side; DB 20s
2b) 14"  Step-Ups  1 x 15 ea side; DB 25s / 2 x 15 ea side; DB 20s
It was my max, but went well.

Superset rest 90 secs  between sets / tempo : 222
3a) Swiss-Ball  Back Extensions  2 x 10 ; DB 10 with arms extended up front
3b) Swiss-Ball Crunch 2 x 10 ; arms extended in line with ears.  DB 10
Was still feeling good.

20 minutes (on Precor 556i)
Cross-Country Program

AveHR  137 82%  /  MaxHR 155 92%  / 146 cals / 35 % fat /  15 mins InZone (75%+)
I did the CC program instead of HIITs 'cause I was too late in reserving the cardio machine so I didn't have the one I wanted.

10 minutes more to relax then for flexibility

DIET I'll start posting my weight on Wednesdays.. White on white ;-) 145,8 lbs

BED AT 9h45  45 mins earlier than planned. But I really felt dizzy and tired, and I know that if I fight my sleepiness, I might wake up completely and not be sleepy again for 3-4 hours!  I slept like a baby.

THURSDAY, October 19th 2006
Very busy day.. all afternoon lots of walking on concrete floor, so much that my left metatarses really flare up
. I finally buy a new pair of running shoes.. not at good as those I had.. can't afford them this time, but still reasonnable, I hope.

60 MINS combo AERO-STEP  ~ GROUP FITNESS with Caroline starting at 6 h 00 PM

Aerobics and Steps : Including agility, plyometrics, coordination and speed exercises
mins / 328 calories / 30% fat / AveHR 134 80%  / MaxHR 160 95%  / 32 mins InZone (75%+)
Less intense intervals than last week.. or maybe it was just me.. I must say I'm feeling yesterday's workout.

Weights and Stretching
15 mins  


Warm-up, Fullbody WO with  mock jump-rope  Intervals including  close to 1 hand, than close to the other hand  push-ups, jump squats with 8lbs DBs held at shoulders, walking, lunges, dynamic planks (in front plank position, bring knee to chest and extend, repeat continuously)
Elastics workout and abs, lots of arms
48 mins / 215 calories / 50% fat / AveHR 104 77%  / MaxHR 160 95%  / 8 mins InZone (75%+)
Very tired arms.. but I don't know from what? holding the DBs in yesterday's WO?

Stretching and relaxation  :  
10 mins

I wish I remembered more of the exercises we do..!  Oh.. and doing fitness in shorts  in front of a wall-size mirror for 2 hours is definately good motivation to stick to my diet!

METATARSES..I ice 12 mins on the hour, 3 times my left metatarses.. really don't want to be on cruches again.

still going good

BED AT 11h00 PM  30 mins earlier than planned.. but still had some icing to do, so listen tu some classical music for a while.

FRIDAY,  October 20th 2006
Lazy day.. feel real fragile all day until I have a chat with a good friend of mine in late afternoon. Thanks Éric for being there.

work on my Pre-Ski program log it's online here.. but I'll still make changes to it. Infact.. one of my aims is just to get to know the exercises (that I haven't tried ye) that the book Condtitionning for Outdoor Fitness recommends for cross-country skiing. I'll be keeping some other exercises that I want to continue doing as well.

START MAKING A  FOAM ROLLER with a  3 foot long,  3,5"  dia. tube and an old closed-cell  sleep pad for camping I glued the first layer of closed-cell  pad  with duct tape.. but I'll buy Contact Cement for the second layer. We used to use those same   pads to protect our knees in canoes.. and we glued them with contact cement, so I have high hopes that it will work well. For now the second layer is just held in place with 3 wide elastics, but alreay I could use it and found it as marvelous as everyone says.. My boyfriend finds it great as well. I have a 1 foot tube and enough pad to make a small one as well. I'll put up a picture when it's finished.

2 Hours  Tripple Swing, Foxtrot, ChaCha, Viennese Waltz, Samba, Slow Waltz, Tango
Reviewed all kinds of stuff.. both from the old school as well as the new school. Gabriel is absoluetly wonderful and make me feel so special. He even finds a way to see me as sexy in my gym shorts, t-shirt and dancing heels.. I am just sooooo lucky!

not bad.

BED AT midnight.

SATURDAY,  October 21st 2006
Lots of things to do. Nice day with good people.


Healthy luch and supper but a little wine and desert was extra.

BED AT 11h30

SUNDAY,  October 22nd 2006

WARM-UP rowing
5 mins / AveHR  91 54%  /  MaxHR 100 60% 
Too low

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL
mins / AveHR  98 58%  /  MaxHR 122 73%  /

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist 10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch  10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 30 secs / Ruissian Twist 10
each side
4.  Inchworm 8
5.  T-Pushup 5  
each side

Bench Press 
6 x BB 45  lbs / 4 x BB 65  lbs /

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                                
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 : Day 14 of 16, Workout B4, Week 7
1 h 10 mins / AveHR  89 53%  /  MaxHR 129 77%  / 200 cals / 60 % fat /  2 mins InZone (75%+)

Superset with full rest (180 secs)
1a) BB Bench Press  (with spotter) Tempo 311
6 x BB 70 lbs
0.8 x BB 95 lbs & 1 x BB 90 lbs  / 6 x BB 75 lbs  / 1 x BB 90 lbs / 10 x BB 65 lbs
Spotted on the 6 reps and 1 rep by Jean-François. He says that I bring the BB to much above my shoulder instead of keeping it more in line with my chest. Steve told me something like that about my DB Bench Presses as well. I really try to correct that on my 10reps. I DO have so much to learn.. but as I always says.. it takes 3 years of doing somthing to stop being a beginner.. so I still have a year and  7 months of being a beginner :)
1b) BB Bent Over Row   Tempo 311
6 x BB 70 lbs
/ 2 x BB 95 lbs / 6 x BB 75 lbs / 1 x 100 lbs / 12 x BB 70 lbs

Superset with full rest (120 secs)
2a) Close Grip Lat Pull-down  Tempo 311   2 x 8 x 170 lbs
2b) DB Shoulder Press Tempo 311    1 x 6 x  DB 30s  / 1 x 6 x  DB 30s
Was much stronger than last time on 2b.

3) Lower Body Russian Twist Tempo 202   rest 90secs  2 x 10 each side x   5 lbs  each leg

All in all quite tired and not very much into it.. but did ok. Glad to come home.

Too much on the Carbs' side..

BED AT 10h00 PM I'm surprised how much good it feels to sleep 8-9 hours.. For ages I only slept about 6.. I don't think I could take that anymore. How come they say that we need less sleep when we age? How old do we have to be for that to be true?

MONDAY, October 23rd 2006
Bonne fête Massiel ! Feliz cumpleaños Massiel !

DENTIST  Second visit for the crown on my molar to save the tooth. Goes well and quickly.. but still hurts when it thaws out.

60 minutes  Do the "Tree" and go from push-up position to Cobra without lying down
, I like that, it feels good. Wasn't sure I'd make it to class though.. but since I had time to relax at home before coming back to the gym for yoga.. I decided to go for it. (The gym is close to my workplace, but 17k from my home.) Didn't think about my tooth during the whole class, except during relaxation at the end. but it was ok.

It's very difficult for me to stick to a diet after a full meal like on Saturday night.. But I'll do it. Dominique, at work, started dieting again this week-end.. that should encourage me.

BED AT 10h30 PM  30 mins later than planned but I knew I had a lot to do..

TUESDAY,  October 24th 2006
Nothing special at work.. but have been working somewhat on Emotional Fitness with Annie Ferland.

70 mins Swing only
We still have alot of little details to work on.


BED AT 10h30

WEDNESDAY,  October 25th 2006
Woke up from 2am to 4 am.. but at nap and a coffee at noon and the day went well.

WARM-UP rowing
5 mins / AveHR  113 67%  /  MaxHR 130 77% 
That's good

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL
10 mins  / AveHR 104 / MaxHR 143

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist 5 - 10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch 10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 15-30 secs / Ruissian Twist 10
each side
4.  Inchworm 6
5.  T-Pushup 5  
each side

Still lousy balance on the walking lunges with upper-body twist.. but I do take VERY large steps.. that doesn't help

Deadlift  rest 30 secs
5 x BB 45 lbs
/ 4 x BB  95 lbs / 3 x BB 115 lbs

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                               
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 : Day 15 of 16, Workout C, Week 7
1h05mins / AveHR  118 70%  /  MaxHR 158 94%  / 352 cals / 45 % fat /  21 mins InZone (75%+)

1) Deadlift  rest 180 secs
6 x BB 140 lbs
/ 1 x BB 200 lbs  / 6 x BB 145 lbs / 1 x BB 205 lbs / 12 x BB 135 lbs 15 x BB 125 lbs
I think that if I had known about the mixed grip before the 3rd Workout, I could have gone much higher. But no regrets, I have the rest of my life to do better.

Superset rest 90 secs  between sets
2a) Romanian Deadlifts  3 x 10  x BB 135 lbs
2b) Static Lunges ea leg  2  x 8  x BB 85  lbs /1 x 8  x BB 90 lbs
 Listening very much to my body.. to decide how much I can safely do on the next exercise.

Superset with     full rest (90 secs)
3a) Good-Morning  2 x  10 x 100 lbs
A couple was waiting for the Squat rack where besides the deadlifts, I also did the lunges and good-mornings..(with 2 Oly bars set up)  so I didn't want to extend it too much. I had offered them to alternate with them, but the girl (Lucie, whom I worked out with in group fitness class in another city 15-20 years ago) said that it was ok.. they had other stuff to do.. I told her it would be over 45 mins.. and she said that's ok.. I wasn't going to twist her arm!  but I don't think it compromised the workout that I didn't superset these 2 exercises today. oh.. and the weight was good.. very safe. I feel i'm still learning the exercises and how much my body can take.. there are some exercises I don't want to take a chance with. Slow but steady improvements is fine with me.
3b) Incline Reverse Crunch 2 x 10 :  4th bar
maybe a little quick on the tempo.. just realized it in the second set and slowed back down.

20 minutes (on Precor 576i and 546)
including 8 HIITs at 15 sec - 90 sec  and 4 mins backwards.

AveHR  136 81%  /  MaxHR 151 90%  / 144 cals / 35 % fat /  10 mins InZone (75%+)
Not much energy left in me today but actually it's even surprising that I had some !

but all in all it was a great WO and the shower was wonderful and I'm glad the gym has some hand held hair blowers it's starting to be cold outside

DIET 148,6! that is soooooo bad :(
back on track after a few days of "not really good enough"

BED AT 10h00 PM but listen to music for a while.

THURSDAY, October 26th 2006
Another big week at work, and next week will be just as bad.. I'm starting to fall behind in what I have to do, and I don't like that.

70  MINS  BALANCE and STRETCHING I decided that I need this more than the Body Design Group Fitness class this week. and besides that.. I could do this BEFORE the aero-step class and get home an hour earlier. 

Balance exercises on balance pods This is mostly therapeutic work for my feet.. specially the left one where I still need to wear Metatarsal support. 15 years ago a doctor explained it to me this way : "you have the left foot of a 100 year old". But I AM trying to get it back to half that age.. but if it can help me when I'm dancing in heels complex steps in tango I won't complain!

Including trying to do squats with hands above head, walking from one to another or just standing, or squatting. Unfortunately the gym only has 3 .. so the walking is not very long.. even if I start from at mat and finish on a mat.

Stretching  I was still all sore from yesterday's WO but did some good stretching, including shoulder stretchs that I haven't done in a long time. The time went by surprisingly quickly, maybe because I usually do my stretching when I'm already real tired from a workout, while this time I did them before the workout.

60 MINS combo AERO-STEP  ~ GROUP FITNESS with Caroline starting at 6 h 00 PM

Aerobics and Steps : The two were combined today.. in one workout.. excellent for concentraiton and very different in that we have to get used to changing between working on the floor and on the step.. every few exercises.. not just doing up and down. Caroline also seems to like changing directions at off beat times (according to my beat..) I'll have to concentrate more.
BW exercises Including (knee) clap push-ups, tricep push-ups, floor dips and abs... always abs..
mins / 314 calories / 40% fat / AveHR 127 76%  / MaxHR 149 89%  / 34 mins InZone (75%+)
I was doing the class  mostly like a recuperation  workout from yesterday
Stretching and relaxation  for the first time I actually felt a little flexible. (ok.. I'm more flexible than 80% of the girls in the class, but I'm not comparing myself to them, I just want to be able to put my plams flat on the floor when I bend over and stuff like that.)


In an attempt to stimulate the muscles around of my left foot Metatarsals, I bought this foot massager and am using it about 10 to 20  minutes a day to start with. Won't replace my boyfriend's touch, but we'll see if it can help.

going good

BED AT 11h00 PM  30 mins earlier than planned.. but still had some icing to do, so listen tu some classical music for a while.

FRIDAY,  October 27th 2006
Beautiful day outside for a hike, but really wanted to finish off NROL

WARM-UP rowing
5 mins  / AveHR 119 / 71% / MaxHR 128 / 76%

DYNAMIC WARM-UP  "Semi-challenging, semi-specific"  from NROL

1.  Walking lunges with upper-body twist 10 each side
2.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch 10
each side
3.  Ball Bridge 30 secs / Ruissian Twist  10
each side
4.  Inchworm 8
5.  T-Pushup 5  
each side

8 mins / AveHR 101 / MaxHR 127

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                              
program #9 New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 : Day 16 of 16, Workout D4, Week 7
1h05mins / AveHR  91 54%  /  MaxHR 137 82%  / 232 cals / 55 % fat / 1 mins InZone (75%+)

Superset with full rest (180 secs)
1a) Chin-Up BW=151 with shoes (up 4 lbs!)
6 x BW -30
lbs  1 chin-up x BW6 x BW-30 lbs / 1 chin-up  x BW / 10 x BW -50 lbs
I must say this is hell
1b) BB Shoulder Press 
6 x BB 65 lbs
/ 1 x BB 75 lbs  / 6 x BB 65 lbs / 1 x BB 75 lbs / 12 x BB 60 lbs
Finished real strong..and easy. It's nice to work in the squat rack and be able to put the bar at the right hight to start.

Superset with full rest (120 secs)
2a) DB Bench Press  On Bench with chair at the end 6 x DB 35s  / 7 x DB 35s
Did them with excellent form this time.. in line with chest and not chin..
2b) Wide Grip Cable Seated Row 1 x 8 x 95 lbs,.  1 x 6 x 100
maybe too much.. ..

3) Lower Body Russian Twist  (rest 90secs 30 secs)  2 x 10 mostly to relax

Had a headache for most of the workout

Just hills

AveHR  1227 73%  /  MaxHR 135 80%  / 89 cals / 45 % fat /  8 mins InZone (75%+)

20 minutes  varied

Got to talk with Amélie quite a while.. She'll check out how I made my next program and tell me if there is any real bad combination or if I left out anything real important. I told her that it's ok if my program isn't perfect, since it's the first program I do for myself but I just don't want huge mistakes.

Closing c
omments on : New Rules of Lifting / Strength 1 Program

  • I loved doing low reps

  • The "BB Squats / BS Squats / Step-ups" were killers, but then.. that's just because I  choose to max out on the weights.. Alwyn and Lou have a way of presenting the workout.. that makes me  feel I  can do all that.. and I almost can!

  • I loved doing 4 different WOs.. I'm not sure I ever want to go back to a ONE-FULL-BODY WO that stretches out to way too long!

  • The Mixed-Grip rules! I'm making sure everyone I know knows about it!

  • My boyfriend is just finishing NROL Break-in and is starting Strength 1 soon, I love passing on my experience, and he calls me his coach and is very glad to have somone guide him. (He DID read the book though.)

  • I gained alot of confidance with this program and it also made me have good interactions with the guys at the gym.

more to come if I think of anything.

 I'll fill in the comments here after this evening. still too early

BED AT 11h30 PM

SATURDAY, October  28th 2006
Easy week between programs


Mix of  ballroom dances and more : Vienniese Waltz, Slow Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Jive, Tripple-Swing, Cha cha, Tango, Mambo, Samba, Salsa, Slows, Line dances, Disco, Batchata, Rumba
                                                                       Right click and save to listen to Dances in bold.

Gabriel and I wore our costumes from this summer at the Fêtes de la Nouvelle France and had alot of fun dancing in them.. but above are some of the best ones of the evening.

ate quite a bit at the late-night buffet, but had reallly really danced alot.. I was famished!

BED AT 2h00 AM or something like that.. in the hour when we move from Daylight saving to standard time..

SUNDAY,  October 29th 2006.
Easy week between programs. I'm glad it falls just after changing the clock to Eastern Standard Time, I always have trouble adapting for a few days. My right foot hurts so much since this morning that I can hardly walk on it, but I make it through the afternoon at my son's place, I'm so glad to see him. I iced my foot 3 times this morning and take Ibuprofen.



BED AT 9h30 PM my right foot hurts even more tonight, I even wonder if I didn't fracture something jumping up and down.

MONDAY, October 30th 2006
Easy week between programs

Had a very bad night because of my right foot but it is "a little" better this morning.. which makes me think that it is probably 'cause I had never danced "Pump-it-up" in the shoes I had on and they go up higher in the front. I felt a little soreness during the evening.. but didn't realize that jumping up and down could hurt me so much. I guess ballroom dance shoes are not for jumping up and down.. *sigh* but then.. how come I only hurt my right foot? Guess I'll never know for sure.. If it only happens once..I sure hope it won't take long to get all good again.. so far.. this is by no means a "rest" week!

I've been using the foam roller I made for about a week now. It's esay to use and even though the diameter is only aboit 4" instead of 6" I think it's ok. I'm not sure yet if it helps.. it doesn't hurt except when I have DOMS, when it feels good. I am trying to work through a knot in my upper left hamstring I've had for over a year.. maybe it's the tendon, not the muscle, I don't know if the foam roller can help that.

Construction of Foam Roller

I promised a picture.. but I can't say I'm proud of the looks of the roller.. but it does its job. I COULD cut off the ends to make the foam even with the pipe, or fold them over and glue them as I had planned, but it doesn't bother me for now, I don't see the ends anyways. The "yellow" you see inside is the Contact Cement

ENERGY YOGA 1 ~ GROUP FITNESS at 7h30 PM with Stéphanie
60 minutes  Sort of bored in the first half, but I know it's making me do good stuff so I accept it. The second half was more interesting. My foot did ok, although I used the left one more because I couldn't always put my right toes down as I needed to. Stéphanie always has us do the planks on our hands, arms extended, quite a different challenge from doing them on the elbows.

It's very difficult

BED AT 10h30 PM  and slept like a baby 'til 7am.. ok.. 2 Sominexs helped.. but it felt soooooo good

TUESDAY,  October 31st 2006
Easy week between programs

My right foot is much better.. Just bugs me a little during dance class in the evening. All in all it was " more of a scare than harm" .. as they say in french . "Plus de peur que de mal."

60 mins Tango
Ahhh I love to tango.. Lots of people absent.. probably all parents of young Trick or Treaters!

OK except for an after supper bowl of Raisin Brans with 1% milk

BED AT 10h30 even a little before, to read a listen tu music

WEDNESDAY,  November 1st 2006
Easy week between programs

CARDIO  Maximum oxygen consumption training..
30mins / AveHR  141 84%  /  MaxHR 161 96%  / 226 cals / 30 % fat / 25 mins InZone (75%+)
on Precor 576i Eliptical  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at Ramp 16 Resistance 16
20mins / AveHR  117 70%  /  MaxHR 135 80%  / 110 cals / 50 % fat / 5 mins InZone (75%+)
Rowing Active Recovery
31mins / AveHR  145 86%  /  MaxHR 162 96%  / 249 cals / 30 % fat / 29 mins InZone (75%+)
on Precor 546 Eliptical  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at Ramp 14 Resistance 14
All in all it felt real good. A killer workout. My plan is to keep two sets of HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins but lower the recovery to 10 minutes while "standardizing" the intensity as close as I can to 95 %. Then I'll cut the active recovery time.

Lactic Acid Tolerance Training John Berardi     ..with a lot of references to Tudor Bompa
As discussed above it is the hydrogen ion that dissociates from the lactate that eventually leads to fatigue during high intensity anaerobic work. And that little thing called pain. Therefore lactic acid training is used to build up a tolerance to lactate both physiologically and psychologically. We do this by warming up with 5 min of easy pedaling and then increasing the tension high enough that by the end of 30 seconds of pedaling you have an extremely high build up of lactate in the legs.

The tension is then decreased dramatically and easy pedaling takes place for 60 seconds. The sequence is repeated 3-4 times. After 3-4 repetitions 15-25 minutes is then needed to pedal very easily and stretch out the legs. The reason for this rest time is to recover enough so that one will be able to work hard enough to accumulate extremely high levels of lactate once again.

If one were to complete 8 repetitions without any rest, repetitions 5 through 8 would not be of high enough intensity to accumulate the necessary levels lactate needed for improvement. This type of training is extremely difficult and should only be completed once per week. Although this type of training can be ridiculously painful it can also be very rewarding.11

20 minutes  varied

DIET 148 lbs
Goooood so far..

BED AT 11h00

THURSDAY, November 2nd 2006
Easy week between programs
Well, at work it was an easy day, but that's lucky cause I woke up at 2 am.. and didn't fall asleep again 'til 4 h 30 am.. things on my mind.

60 MINS combo AERO-STEP CARDOP-THI-CHI ~ GROUP FITNESS with Danny (replacing Caroline) starting at 6 h 00 PM

Aerobic workout to Thi-chi-like coreography : very different, very cardio
mins / 317 calories / 30% fat / AveHR 143 85%  / MaxHR 158 94%  / 40 mins InZone (75%+)
Quite intense , lots of work for the arms.. but I'm still feeling my lack of sleep, yeserday's workout and my 2 days of Low Cal Diet, so I don't know ..

Weights and Stretching
15 mins  

60 MINS BODY DESIGN  ~ GROUP FITNESS with Stéphanie (replacing Caroline)

Aerobics and weights intervals
51 mins / 307 calories / 45% fat / AveHR 124 74%  / MaxHR 151 90%  / 26 mins InZone (75%+)
Very tired arms..
again! but still do a decent workout
Stretching and relaxation  :  
10 mins

I need a day off..

Low calories and
have been thinking for a few weeks.. that I need to create and inner desire to be lean..  the same kind of  inner desire that I have for doing physical activities  Khrishnameurti would say.. not a desire that I know in my head, but one that I feel like I feel sadness or fear.

BED AT 10h30 PM  

FRIDAY,  November 3rd 2006
Easy week between programs

Lazy afternoon stroll for an hour while waiting for winter tires change at garage.

I added Fat Loss 1 and 2  to the NROL
workout Sheets that I already had.

1h15  Tripple Swing,  Tango and Rumba
Reviewed what we learned last week in Tango and some old tango passes.
1h30   Watch video from April 2004 Dance party talk about various steps to practice

good, and I'm motivated. Just have to eat a little extra before practicing dance.. supper was too far and I was dizzy and weak.

BED AT midnight.

SATURDAY,  November 4th 2006
Easy week between programs

It's Open House at the gym and Pascal Lussier was there to give Massages. This came at a real good time since I was aching a little from a bad twist/bend during tango practice yesterday. I got a 15 minutes lower back massage.

CARDIO Maximum oxygen consumption training..
When I talked with Amélie about this on Thursday, she made me think to do it on the StairMaster.. good idea.
32mins / AveHR  127 76%  /  MaxHR 162 96%  / 198 cals / 35 % fat / 20 mins InZone (75%+)
on StairMaster 4600 StairMaster  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at  Resistances : 14-14-14-(12-14)
10 mins / AveHR  107 64%  /  MaxHR 132 79%  / 42 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+)
Rowing Active Recovery 10 minutes LESS than last time
25mins / AveHR  139 83%  /  MaxHR 159 95%  / 183 cals / 35 % fat / 21 mins InZone (75%+)
on StairMaster 4600 StepMill  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at  Resistances : 14-14-14-(8-12)
I died during the last 3 minutes of each set.. but felt good after the shower. Thought a few times of Gabriel doing NROL-Strength-1 workout A for the first time at the same time at his gym in Granby and that gave me courage. Cooled down walking around the gym for a few minutes after.. was too tired to cool down on the StairMaster.

StairMaster 4600

at home
1h15  Tango, Rumba and Batchata,
lots of fun stuff (with quite a few ohhhs and aahhhwws from Gabriel's NROL DOMS)

Goooood so far.. and my boyfriend ordered Metabolism Advantage  for himself but  I'll be glad to read it He's 6'0" / 185 lbs.. so it's mostly a matter of tweaking for both of us.

BED AT 11h00

SUNDAY, November 5th 2006 



The Bodyfat Blueprint
Regional Body Fat Storage and the Hormonal Implications Thereof
Part I: Practical Applications
by Marc McDougal

"In the past, exercise physiologists have espoused the idea that body fat is lost systemically and uniformly depending on "where the body decides" to take it from first. Fairly recently however, some innovative strength coaches have progressed past these theories and realized that with careful manipulation of certain hormones in the body, we truly do have the power to choose where fat is lost from! First and foremost, I would like to credit Charles Poliquin for coming up with his well publicized methods of regional bodyfat manipulation which he calls "Biosignature Modulation". Other strength coaches have followed suit and are starting to tailor client's diets and training based on where they store their body fat."

Exerts for the ladies :

Tricep :
Again, this is an indication that your progesterone and possibly other estrogen metabolites are too high. When you raise your arms up, does it look like you are wearing a cape? Bat wings, lunch-lady arms, mud flaps etc-- here's how to fix 'em. Females should pay close attention to any hormones they are using. Many forms of birth control can immediately cause women to increase their fat storage in this area (as well as quadriceps). Countless times I have seen women lose significant tricep adipose tissue simply by discontinuing use of birth control, or switching to a form that can be better tolerated. However, getting pregnant is decidedly not an efficient way to lose body fat either, so either cover your bases, or be forced to name your kid after me.

Males have quite a few options for eliminating those excess estrogen metabolites including:

  • Stop shopping at Gap

  • Cut back on "Lifetime" movies

  • Quit vacuuming in your girlfriend's underwear

Both males and females can target this area in a few other ways. Try to eliminate
xenoestrogens", i.e. environmental estrogens that can end up in your blood stream. Here are some common ones:

  • Phthalates- found in plastics, exacerbated when heated. (Hint hint--don't microwave plastics!!)

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)- found in waxes, glues, and flame retardants. Please don't superglue your Haz-Mat suit on your body.

  • Parabeans- Perfumes, colognes, aerosol air fresheners, etc. Try to find those without this nasty chemical. Score another one for Axe body spray-- no parabeans! You can eat that stuff, I swear.

  • Pesticides/Insecticides- Wash your produce; wipe the paws of your outdoor pets when they come inside, keep field grazing to a "special treat".

Many others exist as well, some very hard to avoid. These truly can have a significant impact on the hormones in your body and are nothing to jeer at. Taking an anti-estrogen/progesterone is a good idea for those who tend to store fat in the tricep/quad region. Here are some options:

  • High Lignan Flax Oil: Lignans are a type of fiber that can remove excess estrogen metabolites from the blood stream. This gives you the added benefit of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Vitex Agnus Castus (chasteberry): Most research on this compound focuses on its ability to lessen symptoms of PMS, although it does show the declination of the implicated hormones. This would be a good product for women, but is questionable for men as some research shows it to be an anti-androgen.

  • Calcium D-Glucarate: Great for reduction in the implicated hormones, as well as significant effects on promoting liver health, anti-cancer, and lipid lowering.

  • Clomiphene (Clomid): A prescription LH booster, as well as an anti-estrogen.

  • Tamoxifen (Nolvadex): Another prescription anti-estrogen, however I would not recommend this due to recent research displaying some dangerous properties to this drug.

And finally, stop smoking pot you damn hippies, as that can cause elevation of estrogen metabolites as well.

Exerts for the gentlemen :

Umbilical :
Alright fat bellies, listen up. First off quit drinking the beer, as it somehow takes a one-way route right to the belly in every man, woman and child. Sack up and drink some chilled vodka-- if it's good enough for the Russians, its good enough...wait, well, it's better for you; let's leave it at that.

Cortisol, testosterone, and even growth hormone play a role in this region. First we'll tackle cortisol, as it is the most common culprit of abdominal fat storage.

Cortisol Reduction Methods:

  • Quit your job: You're obviously too stressed at work. Get a nice hobby. Kidding aside, stress is the number one factor in elevated cortisol, so it's time to relax and take a few deep breaths. Come on your life doesn't suck that bad.

  • Sleep: Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep every night, uninterrupted. Waking up to quickly drain the hose isn't a bad thing, but continuous breaks of more than a few minutes during the sleep cycle will surely disturb the process. Those of you that "feel fine" after only 5 hours per night, take a good look at your belly and keep telling yourself how fine you feel.

  • Eliminate NSAIDS: Over the counter pain killers are nothing but evil. Not only do they negatively affect cortisol, but they decrease protein synthesis rates making everything you do in the gym more arduous. Stick to fish oils for their anti-inflammatory properties, and get your injuries fixed!

  • Fish Oils: They do everything. Get used to it. Take them. Lots. Enjoy the taste.

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's): Two options here, take your LBM in kg and multiply it by .4, consume this in liquid form during your workout, heavily diluted in water. Option two; consume 5g mixed BCAAs between each meal, in about 16oz water. I recommend ICE made by Xtreme Formulations. This protocol has shown to cause a significant reduction in abdominal body fat storage, while preserving lean mass (LBM) while in a caloric restriction.

  • Phosphatidylserine: Studies have shown that 800mg/day can significantly suppress cortisol. This can get expensive, which is why I don't recommend it as a blanket performance supplement, just to those with indications of high cortisol levels.

  • Bacopa: This is a nootropic agent with some cortisol suppressing properties. All the more reason to take an 800mg capsule of this every day upon rising (you'll be smarter and thinner!). A very cheap and effective supplement.

  • 5-HTP: Take 50mg between meals. This can cause significant mood elevation and sense of well being for those of you with heightened stress levels. It also suppresses carbohydrate cravings through the elevation of serotonin, which can be handy when dieting.

  • Yohimbine: Men have alpha-2 adrenoreceptors in the abdominal region, and oral or transdermal yohimbine has been shown to directly target these receptors to aid in fat loss. Avoid this compound if you have any blood pressure issues, otherwise take between 3-8mg between meals 3x/day.

  • Kill the Cardio: Long duration cardio can cause an elevation in cortisol, so stick to short interval sessions. I usually recommend 20 minutes total, 2 or 3 times per week max. Perform 30 second "sprints" (all out, hard as you can) followed by 90 second recovery phases.

  • Post Workout: Ensure that you have an adequate post workout shake immediately after you finish. Cortisol is elevated during your workout, and proper nutrition is vital to bring it back down and start the recovery process. Take 250mg Vitamin C with 400 I.U. Vitamin E along with a good post workout shake such as Relentless (which has a good dose of phosphatidylserine already in it).

Testosterone Elevation Methods:

  • Zinc: 30mg on an empty stomach before bed. Gives your body "fuel" to produce enough testosterone.

  • Tribulus Terrestris: An herb found to increase LH output, which will then elevate endogenous testosterone production.

  • Dietary Fats: Make sure that you are getting about 50% of your total fat intake from good monounsaturated sources such as nuts, avocados, olive oil, natural peanut butter, etc. 20% of your dietary fat should come from saturates (the remaining 30% will come from polyunsaturates in the form of fish/flax oil). This type of eating can encourage adequate testosterone production.

  • Steroids: Either a prescription hormonal replacement from your doctor, or your own "home prescription" will surely help to eliminate fat in this area. Make sure you do your research (your doctor sure won't) and design a good, safe cycle. For more information on that subject, read Ryan Norton's great series here: Part I, Part II.

  • Clomiphene (Clomid): Described above, this will boost endogenous testosterone production as well as serve as an anti-estrogen.

  • Pro-Hormones/Pro-Steroids: This is usually my last recommendation, as so many of these compounds effects vary greatly from user to user, and some have side effects just as bad if not worse than real steroids (terrible headaches, nausea, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, etc). However, if you tolerate them well, some good ones can be found with some experimentation. If you have questions about specifics, feel free to email me.

  • Compound, Multi-joint Movements: When you are in the gym, make sure that you incorporate squats, deadlifts, cleans, dips, chin ups, etc. into your program as these exercises have shown to elevate testosterone as well as growth hormone more than single joint movements.


BED AT 9h30 PM

MONDAY, November 6th 2006 

Work is stacking up for the comming weeks and I have no idea how I'll get it done. Makes me very nervous.


Pre-Cross-Country-Skiing Program

exercises partly from Conditionning for Outdoor Fitness.
Put together by myself.


WARM-UP Rowing
5 mins / AveHR  102 61%  /  MaxHR 106 63% 

mins  / AveHR 104 / MaxHR 128

1.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch 10 each side
2.  Ball Bridge -30 secs / Ruissian Twist 10
each side
3.  T-Pushup 5  
each side
4.  Arms Matrix 10 butterfly, 10 back crawl, 10 brass, 10 crawl

Deadlift  rest 30 secs
7 x BB 45 lbs

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                               
program #10 Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness / Pré-Ski  mls 1 : Day 1 of 16, Workout A1, Week 1 ) 
47mins / AveHR  119 71%  /  MaxHR 160 95%  / 258 cals / 45 % fat /  17 mins InZone (75%+)

1) Good-Morning  rest 30 secs
1 x 15 x BB 70 lbs / 1 x 15 x BB 80 lbs
Finding the weights, and not going too strong cause I don't really know how much is ahead. (Even though I designed the program for myself)

Superset rest 60 secs  between supersets
2a) Pulls on Freedom Trainer  2  x  15 x 50 lbs
like double poling in xc-skiing

2b) Dynamic Lunge Matrix Combo #20  2 x 30 x  DB 15s each leg,
10 in each direction : front, side,  back, with DBs going from hips to knees
MaxHR 160 on this

Single with 30 secs rest between sets.
3) 1 arm shoulder press combo #20  2 x 15 x DB 15s
bring resting DB down on the side to extended the same time as the other arm is going up.

Superset rest 60 secs  between supersets
b) Lat pulldown to front  2 x 15 :  60 lbs
4b) Lat pulldown to rear  2 x 15 :  60 lbs
Learning the Lat pulldown to the rear..careful, careful for the back

60 secs  between exercises
5b) Front plank 3 minutes
b) Left plank 2 minutes
5c) Right plank
2 minutes
Close to Max.. but not quite..

35 minutes (on Precor 546)
Easy Hills 32 mins and then
finisher :

Finisher ~ Leg Matrix

 2 mins 33 secs

24 squats
24 dynamic lunges
: 12 each leg
24 jump lunges
: 12 each leg
24 jump squats
elbows to knees
knees at 90°
knees at 90°
touch floor / reach high

Had to stop 4 times during the jump lunges.. but just for 1-2 secs.
AveHR  126 75%  /  MaxHR 163 97%  / 216 cals / 45 % fat /  19 mins InZone (75%+)
and change into 2nd set of gym clothes

ENERGY YOGA 1  (replaced for today) ~ GROUP FITNESS with Stéphanie  Nancy
30 minutes  they do SB exercises and  aerobics : I go to gym and do stretching yoga style
30 minutes I come back to the groupe and join in their stretching
Was absolutely NOT going to do any more than stretching if yoga was cancelled

did good.

BED AT 11h00 PM

TUESDAY, November 7th 2006 
Ok day at work, can't do more than I'm doing anyways, so "they" will just have to do with it.

DOMS I'm not really aching.. but I DO feel all over that I had a good workout yesterday. biceps, triceps, upper back, glutes, calves, yup.. I love it.. All over but not too strong Couldn't ask for anything better!

60 mins Tango
Tango again, maybe for those who missed last week, but it was an excellent practice. Just one new step.. but Gabriel and I were really "connecting" especially on the "progression step" , but we had good timing on the whole routine.And this is a routine that we'll be able to break apart and mix and match. I'll have to work a little more on the head turns.. specially in the "pivot", it's à little tricky.

Very good up 'til now.. (9pm) I'll edit if it goes bad.

BED AT 10h00 30 minutes earlier than planned

WEDNESDAY,  November 8th 2006
Very big day at work. In the PM the equivalent of 2,5 hours of brisk walking with lots of stop and go.

1h15  Quickstep
Reviewed what we learned last summer and we'll try to cut it up and use the steps separately..

Was supposed to go do 3mins-3mins intervals at the gym after dance practice but I couldn't have done the intensity it needed, so I went home.

DIET 146 lbs
good, and I'm motivated. but it's VERY difficult.. cause I'm not loosing any weight at all. Have digestion problems starting around 4 pm. but later : OFF-DIET : eat a late night snack of cereals and 2 chocolates when Gabriel comes back from his 3 hours volleyball and 1 hour indoor hockey evening. First cheat in a long time.. and somehow I don't even feel bad about it.

BED AT 11h45 much later than planned..

THURSDAY,  November 9th 2006
Sent an e-mail to my little boss, telling her exactly how bad it's going because of the extra exam sessions. I'm relaxed and feel good about having sent it. Annie Ferland helped me decide to do it..It sure feels good.

CARDIOMaximum oxygen consumption training..starting at 4 h 35  PM
I definately have a love-hate relationship with the StairMaster. / warm up a few minutes rowing before ..
30mins / AveHR  143 85%  /  MaxHR 165 98%  / 230 cals / 25 % fat / 24 mins InZone (75%+)
on # 25 StairMaster 4600 StairMaster  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at  Resistances : 12-12-12-(9-12)
10 mins / AveHR  107 65%  /  MaxHR 133 79%  / 46 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+)
Rowing Active Recovery 10 minutes feeling good
25mins / AveHR  148 88%  /  MaxHR 161 96%  / 204 cals / 25 % fat / 24 mins InZone (75%+)
on # 25 StairMaster 4600 StepMill  Including HIIT : 4 x 3 mins - 3 mins max effort at  Resistances : 12-12-12-(9-12)
Lower resistances than last time.. but maybe not on the same StairMaster.. they may be differnet.. I'll start noting on which one I go to see if this is so. Really feel a louse.. but with those HRs.. I'm quite sure I couldn't have given more.

60 MINS combo AERO-STEP  ~ GROUP FITNESS with Caroline starting at 6 h 00 PM

Aerobics and Steps : The two were combined today again in one workout.. I'm really tired at the begining.. still feeling the cardio. But my concentration and balance were not too bad.
BW exercises Including .. I forget ! humm.. DBs.. arms, shoulders, abs.. something like that. I remember that I felt strong on the push-ups.
mins / 325 calories / 30% fat / AveHR 142 85%  / MaxHR 155 92%  / 40 mins InZone (75%+)
Stretching and relaxation  This was good

60 MINS BODY DESIGN  ~ GROUP FITNESS with Caroline starting at 7 h 00 PM

Warm-up, Fullbody WO with  SwissBall Aerobic  Intervals including Swiss-Ball Roll Outs.. (what I think some people would call Prone Hip Extension with Leg Curl ). hands on the floor in push-up position, feet on the Swiss Ball, roll ball in towards you and out again.  It's the first time I try them but I actually put them in my current program and will be doing the soon.. so it was nice to try them out. They were MUCH easier than I thought and was glad that for the second set Caroline gave a variation : use the obliques and bring both knees to one side then on the next roll-in.. to the other side.
SwissBall workout and abs, lots of arms
51 mins / 268 calories / 50% fat / AveHR 116 69%  / MaxHR 140 83%  / 13 mins InZone (75%+)
Very tired arms.. but I don't know from what? holding the DBs in yesterday's WO?

Stretching and relaxation  :  
10 mins

TALK a few minutes with 2 of the trainers before leaving.. One of them (I think her name is Marie-Eve) invites me to her Saturday  spinning class . I told her that I've already tried spinning but don't really like it and that besides it's not free.. but well.. It's at 10h30.. a nice time.. If I'm not hiking.. I might go.. we'll see..

Goooood so far.

BED AT 11h30

FRIDAY, November 10th 2006 

Really feeling the group fitness classes from yesterday and probably the StairMaster as well. About the group fitness classes, I really have to say a good word about
 Caroline, in that she very often gives variations we can do if we want the aerobics or exercises to be more challenging. Of course, I can very rarely resist the temptation to do the more difficult levels, and I'm very often surprised that I'm able to do them.. But it's the next days that I feel exactly how challenging they were.


BED AT 11 h30 PM

SATURDAY, November 11th 2006 
Really wasn't sure I'd do anything at all when I woke up.. my core was really aching from the waist to the chest.

SPINNING CLASS  (on invitation from trainer) ~ GROUP FITNESS with  Marie-Eve
1 h 01 mins / AveHR  145 86%  /  MaxHR 166 99%  / 489 cals / 25 % fat /  55 mins InZone (75%+)

5 minutes stretching after
I liked Marie-Eve's class very much, although the sprints at the begining caught me by surprise, cause we'd do 20 seconds at max speed and resistance, and only have 20 seconds to recuperate before the next sprit.. When I give 100 % I need longer than that.. but I guess it's just a matter of being used to the class. The end was 15 mins standing and spinning strong.. quite an interesting effort! My lower back wasn't liking it after 12 mins.. but I think it will be ok. There were quite a few problems with the audio system (like all week in the other classes as well) Too bad.. cause the loud music and Disco lights were fun. Oh.. and  she introduced me to the others as "the gym's pro trainee" .. lol of course I said "nahhh".. but she said "yes yes.." lol she's sweet.

WARM-UP see above
I needed more rest than WU. Amélie suggested that I take less than 30 minutes, or else I'll be weaker.. so I took 20 mins, I think it was perfect

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                               
program #10 Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness / Pré-Ski  mls 1 : Day 2 of 16, Workout B1, Week 1 ) 
38mins / AveHR  117 70%  /  MaxHR 135 80%  / 205 cals / 50 % fat /  9 mins InZone (75%+)

1a) Chin-up
1 x 2 x BW 148,2 lbs including shoes
1b) Underhand-grip Lat Pulldown  rest 30 secs Tempo 3030
1 x 15 x  90x
lbs / 1 x ( 4 x  120 lbs / 8 x  105 lbs /  4 x  95 lbs )
Finding the weights, and not going too strong mostly because I'm not sure how tired I am from spinning class.

Superset rest 60 secs  between supersets
2a) Squats on balance pods with arms above head  2  x  15 Tempo 3030
balance exercise for my feet.. might do these barefoot next time

2b) Bench press  1 x (15 x  BB 65 / 5 x 45) / 1 x 20 x  BB 45 Tempo 3030
20 reps are alot! (as if I didn't already know that! LOL)

Superset with 60 secs rest between supersets.
3a) Skier 
2 x 20
each leg x Ankle Weights 10 lbs
on one leg with knee bent, bring other knee to knee then hip abduction like in skating

b) Lawnmower Pulls to an external rotation #31
x 20 x  40 lbs /  1 x 20 x  50 lbs on 4" step so the pulley is lower

60 secs  between exercises
a) SwissBall Roll-Out (Prone Hip extention with leg curl, hands on the floor,  feet on SB)
2 x 10

b) SwissBall Roll-Out , obliques (Prone Hip extention with leg curl, knees alternating to Left and Right, feet on SB)  
1 x 5 each side
I'll call this last one my finisher. it certainly finished ME!

TALK  As I was leaving one of the guys told me he hoped I'd buy a good bike for next year and join them in the city cycling club.. I smiled whole-heartedly and said that I don't think so.. cause I already do Hiking.. but said thanks anyways (merci quand-même) .. with a big smile, cause it sure made me feel good!

motivated again

BED AT 10h30 PM

SUNDAY, November 12th 2006 

Isn't that what Sundays are for?   ahhh it feels wonderful to have a lazy day... again! well that and for :


Tempo, the missing pause

In english we write the tempo EPC.. excentric-pause-concentric, and in french it's CPE .. concentric-pause-excentric. so if I take a squat.. that means in english : down, pause up. and in french : up, pause, down. but what I don't understand is that actually there are 4 steps.. (even if the pause = 0, it is there) for me it's down, pause (or change direction), up, pause (or change direction). and it's not the same pause that is mentionned in english or in french!

I have no problèmes with my training (I think). I mean I think I know when to pause.. like in a crunch.. I'd pause "crunched" and not "lying down" (humm considering my shoulders wouldn't be touching anything anyways.. that might be something interesting to try.. 2-2-2-2.. but that's another story) anyways.. so I crunch, I stay crunched and I de-crunch and start again.. for me that's CPE.. but if I take it in English.. I'd de-crunch, pause "lying down" , crunch and start agin.

and back to the squat : in english I read : excentric-pause-concentric that means the means the pause is at the bottom? I don't have enough experience to know if there is alot of that in programs.

now for the deadlift.. EPC means down, pause, up.. that could be logical.. and real "dead"lifting..

but how about Bench Presses? EPC means hold back going down, pause, push, and right back down again.. while in french CPE means push, hold at arms length, come back down, and push again.

I don't know if I'm completely wrong in what I'm saying, nore if you understand what I mean.. but starting today.. I will write me Tempos in 4s.. EPCP and at least I'll know where I'm at.

And to finish a wonderful day.. why not a little :

12 h 00  Tango & Rumba


BED AT 10 h30 PM

MONDAY, November 13th 2006 
No answer from little boss to my e-mail, so if she doesn't care..(that I'm late il alot of stuff) neither do I. Otherwise well, I was still feeling my lower back from the spinning class all day as I spent most of the day standing, squatting (to take things from lowest filing cabinets) reaching and twisting. But all in a relaxed, yet abs-engaged way. So it was good for my back.

WARM-UP rowing
5 mins  / AveHR 97 / 58% / MaxHR 119 / 71% 

15mins  / AveHR 104 / MaxHR 128

1.  Lateral lunges with opposite-hand reach and touch 8 each side
2.  Lateral SB roll 5
each side
3.  Shoulder rotations with broomstick  10 each way
4.  Deadlifts : 5 x BB 45 lbs / 5 x BB 95 lbs / 4 x BB 115 lbs / 3 x BB 135 lbs

WORKOUT  Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                             
program #10 Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness / Pré-Ski  mls 1 : Day 3 of 16, Workout C1, Week 2 ) 
48mins / AveHR  115 68%  /  MaxHR 156 93%  / 246 cals / 50 % fat /  15 mins InZone (75%+)
Just learning how to do the exercises from CFOF.

1) Deadlifts  Rest : just enough to change the weights. / tempo : would like to do 3030 but had to speed up to finish or I would have lost the grip.. got to about 8 with the right tempo.
8 x BB 145 lbs / 15 x BB 125 lbs / 9 x 125 re-grip  6 x 125
I had planned to do  6 - 15 - 15 reps. but was again having trouble with my grip even though I was using the mixed grip. The largest plate being 35lbs in my 15 reps made me go lower.. I like that, but it takes more time and is harder on the grip as well.

Superset rest 60 secs  between supersets
2a) Walking lunge with side bend   2  x  10 each leg x DB 25s
DB almost touches the floor besides the front foot.

2b) Standing Cable Push-Pull Core Rotation  #24   Freedom trainer 1 x 10 each side 50 lbs / 1 x 10 each side 65 lbs
Amélie helped me out to figure this one out properly

Superset rest 60 secs  between supersets
a) Shoulder Butt Burner #135  2 x 10 each side DB 8s
Mix of Shoulder Press and squat on one leg while the other one slides back as far as possible.

b) Standing-Weight Shift Triceps Press #136  2 x 8 each side  DB 15
Squat down as you lower the DB behind your head, triceps Press and hip abduction to the side while you raise from the squat.
Might use ankle weights on 3a and 3b next time.

60 secs  between exercises
) Hanging leg raise  2 x 10
Knees to waist hight, legs bent at about 100°

ENERGY YOGA 1 ~ GROUP FITNESS with Stéphanie at 7 h 30 PM
Quite a few slow ecxentric-tricep-push-ups, isometric or dynamic squats, 1 or 2 legged planks, side bends.. I forgot to take my HR monitor off, so I figured that I might as well use it just out of curiosity.

1 h 00 /
AveHR  86 75%  /  MaxHR 114 97%  / 150 cals / 60 % fat /  0 mins InZone (75%+)

not bad

BED AT 11h30 PM 30 minutes later than planned.. the evening is too short when I come home late from the gym.

TUESDAY, November 14th 2006 
I'm t redoining the reps / sets scheme of the workout I planned for myself.. but don't I might change it more than once.. it's really a work in progress.

Otherwise.. well I'm still aching all over from yesterday's workout and yoga and my lower back was sore all night and all day from Saturday morning's last 3 mins of Spinning. Not complaining here.. just logging

45 mins Tango Lots of posture practice as well as tempo
30 mins Mambo good revision of things we learned last year. Had to practice hip work.
Felt a little stiff, but once warmed up, felt better than all day.

stuffed myself for supper : bowl of salad, 2 oz lean roast beef, large bowl of Bran Flakes with 1% milk, 1 tbsp peanut butter.  and had peanut butter on pumpernickle when we came home from dance class.

BED AT 10h30

WEDNESDAY, November 15th 2006 
Exams AM & PM , arrive early work partly on lunchtime and finish late..

Lower back is a pain all day. Ice it at home and take Ibuprofen..

40 mins  Mambo.. maybe more later

DIET 146 lbs
steady as she goes

BED AT 10h00

THURSDAY, November 16th 2006 
Lower back same as yesterday, but I'm quite sure it's not very serious, so I just take advantage of the rest to do other stuff.



BED AT 9h00 not because I'm tired.. but my back needs the rest, not just the lower back.. but my whole core.


FRIDAY, November 17th 2006 
This is lower back is not better and now my whole  upper core is stiff and weak and aching, I'll rest 3 days, and if it's not better, on Monday I go see a doctor.

I'll translate later.. when I'm better..
(exert from an e-mail I wrrote to a friend about my aches and pains).

Le mal au bas de mon dos semble aller un peu mieux ce matin.. mais j'ai mal à tout mon corps.. (on dirait "core" en anglais) Je ne peux me lever qu'en me tournant sur le côté et en m'aidant de mes bras. M'habiller me prendrait probablement 5 minutes.. pas capable de lever la jambe bien haute. J'ai même souvent de la misère à respirer. pas assez pour que ce soit dangereux, mais assez que ce soit pénible. C'est comme si tous les muscles de mon tronc étaient en grève.

OK OK.. je sais.. j'en ai trop fait.. probablement la session de musculation après le "spinning" et la session de musculation et de yoga 2 jours après, et le surcharge de travail que j'ai au bureau étaient de trop.  Mais vraiment.. jusqu'à jeudi.. je n'avait pas si mal que ça.. et juste au bas du dos.

La grippe de Gaby me fait penser que peut-être j'ai aussi attrapé une grippe et que  ça m'est tombée dans les muscles, vu que mes muscles étaient trop fatiguées.

Enfin.. j'ai encore aujourd'hui et demain à prendre le repos complet. J'ai mis un coussin sur ma chaise d'ordi .. Je peux écrire ou surfer dans le lit avec le portable usagé que Gaby m'a donnée, vu qu'on a l'internet sans fil , mais les touches sont tres délicats.. tantot je t'avais écris le 2/3 de ce qui est si dessus et j'ai tout perdu (j'étais sur mes autres courriels n'y sont pas encore configurés.) J'utilise le portable couchée sur le dos.. les genoux félchis.. (position très bien pour le dos) avec le portable ouvert à 120° pour que l'écran soit dans le bon angle. ça va bien.. sauf que le devant du portable.. là où est l'équivalent de la souris est un peu trop dans la couverture. Aussi.. le portable est pesant sur mon corps.. (à cause des problèmes que j'ai en ce moment) donc je n'en fais finalement pas tellement.

J'ai mis de la glace plusieurs fois sur mon bas du dos hier.. et hier soir prit des Ibuprofen.. c'est supposé être un peu anti-inflammatoire. Gaby m'a donné un massage qui m'a vraiment fait du bien.. il va m'en donner un autre ce matin .. pour le moment is dors.

SATURDAY, November 18th 2006 
My lower back pain is from over spinning a week ago.. but there might be more.. and it doesn't feel like DOMS. It's real weird.
SUNDAY, November 19th 2006 
Woke up around 5 this morning.. my core was so weak I had trouble breathing.. Tried some phone numbers to si if there is a clinique open on Sunday.. but didn't find anything close. Took Ibuprofen.. walked around, sat a little.. was very tired, finaly got to sleep again. Just got up.. it's 11 AM.. much better.. that is it's back to like yesterday. But I feel feverish and have a headache.

Friday and Saturday : too many feel good carbs..Sunday : a little better until I eat the chocolat.. but well.. tomorrow's another day.

BED JUST ABOUT FULL TIME On Sunday evening I'm a "little" better.. for a while
Feel real lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend who is understanding and  gives a great massage. He's also the one who gave me a laptop and installed wireless internet a few weeks ago.

MONDAY, November 20th 2006 
Saw the doctor.. He thinks it's the flu that is hitting my upper core muscles.  That's also what I thought it was, but have never had it this bad, usually only in the upper back. Gave me 3 days of sick leave. Went in to work for 1,5 and then home. I alternate about 2 hours resting, than 30 minutes up. Still have trouble breathing.

Called my Physiotherapist for an appointement on Thursday. He'll work on my lower back (which is getting better) and give me the OK or NOT to train again maybe / hopefully on Saturday.

ALLÔ!  Manouane, Albi, Lily, Éric    I'll be ok soon,  I promis *bisous*

TUESDAY, November 21th 2006 
A little better .. I can breath properly. I move around a little more.. stretch ever so softly a little. But I can still feel my lower back.. maybe because I spend too much time resting.. really not used to this!


Different kinds of balancing?

When I get back to the gym, I will be changing some of the exercises in my program.. taking some off the Bosu and maybe doing them barefoot instead.. but I've been thinking alot about it. I definately believe that learning to stand on a Swiss Ball has no carry over value into sports stuff. The reason I believe it.. is because I've learned kneeling on it a little, and I really don't feel anything but fun out if it.  However.. some excercises on the bosu or small balance pods.. I can't say the same thing..

my (uneducated) conslusion :

When to balance on something we have to turn the object in the right position, find the center of the ball.. where to put pressure on it.. it's like a circus trick,

When to balance on something we have to learn to aligne ourselves properly it has some carry over value..

If I take the example of the Bosu (half dome) then it means if I put the ball side down and the flat side up.. I just have to find the proper place to put my weight (and keep it there) but if I put the flat side down and balance on the ball side.. then I have to aligne my body in relation with itself.


Conversion of Strength to Muscular Endurance

I think I have the answer in the book I love!

I was soooo busy when I bought the book "
Periodization Training for Sports" in June, that I didn't finish reading it! I knew I had time to get into the planing for Muscular Endurance.. since it is only now.. and after that I forgot that I hadn't finished it!!!

Now.. with 6 days on the "injured list" I'm catching up on alot of things ! and I have it all in the book! The title of the chapter is "Conversion" and includes a section on "Conversion to Muscular Endurance" 2 pages.. and then 9 pages of program design explanations for different Muscular Endurance durations!

I'm so excited! lol

WEDNESDAY, November 22nd 2006 
I soooo hate being hurt.. My lower back is not better, even with all this rest.

Conversion of Strength to Muscular Endurance                  "Periodization Training for Sports"

There are various types of Muscular Endurance.. I'll stick to the ones that are useful for xc-skiing.

Some quotes :

  • "Although 20 reps may result in what bodybuilders ansider muscular endurance, such a training regimen is grossly inadequate for sports such as mid- and long-distance swimming, rowing, canoeing, boxing, wrestling, cross-country skiing, speedskating and triathlon, in which earobic endurance is dominant."

  • "maximum strength must be improved from year to year if athletes expect to cover the distance faster."

  • "Load increases between 2,5 and 5 %  are optimal; any more of an increase can tremendously affect the number of reps performed."

It will take some time to figure out how to apply this to my own sport, program and fitness level, but at least I know in what direction to go.

DIET 152 lbs
I was aching so much.. I didn't even think of wanting to be lean.. it's funny how when my back or core hurts.. I feel as if having a full stomach supprts it more.

New log and physiotherapy tomorrow...

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