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FRIDAY, December 16th 2005

First beautiful snow.. and my elbow hurts when I hold anything in my hand. So I spend the morning at my computer.. that way I won't do anything crazy like go xc-skiing in slopes and stuff.  I hope the typing isn't too bad for my elbow !

Lunch : tried Tofu for the first time at home.. with Peanut butter as desert.. whatever.. didn't feel like thinking about food.


1 hour on a trail I made going all around the  back yard. About 9 turns in one direction 4 in the other the round trip is 2 minutes, almost flat ground. (good pratice though)I did 30 minutes in one direction, 30 mins in the other direction.
AveHR 124 / MaxHR 148 / 364 calories / 46% fat

I was so mad at myself for hurting my right elbow, thought about it alot.. next time I'll listen to my cardio .mp3s not to think so much. I really just played on my skiis.. And appreciated how good it feels to be able to ski, and turn, and lift easily my skiis because I'm in much better shape this year. This is my first contact with skiing this year.. and (execpt for my aches and pains) it is very promising! :D

SATURDAY, December 17th 2005

weather : sunny, just below freezing, no wind
1 hour yard-skiing : a little more technical then yesterday.. but not pushing it yet.
AveHR 130 / MaxHR 152
My boyfriend did about 30 minutes, starting before me and that really encouraged me :D . He only got xc-skiis last christmas and sprained his ankle playing volleyball in february, so didn't do much last year. He had never tried yard skiing and really liked it. He  lenghtened the trail to go around the front of the house.. and I added two 200' straight lenghts so we could really mixe it up, even doubling the trails at times. We mostly skied in opposite directions so got to cross each other a couple of times.. for a stop-and-go kiss.

yupp.. for my left shoulder, my right elbow and my right butt.
 this is ridiculus! LOL

Ate and drank a little more than clean, but alot less than I could have!
It was the in-laws party, danced as much as there was dancing. We were about 60..

I actually had much more energy on the "line rock"  we danced  on "Footloose" than most of my neices and nephews who are in thier 20s and 30s :D and was one of the only ones to stay on the dancefloor for the next dance (no.. not alone.. I mean with others who hadn't just danced

SUNDAY, December 18th  2005  ~OFF DAY~

I actually took the day off even from my physio exercises.

Danced alot
It was the x-mas party of the Dance School. We had lots of fun mixing up the two styles of dance.. My boyfriend (Gabriel) is real great!

MONDAY, December 19th  2005

I saw my Physiotherapiste this morning.. and finally, what caused my tennis elbow to flame up.. wasn't holding the DBs.. that was just the sign.  What caused it was probably  carrying papers like in a "pinch-grip" just for fun.. It's 5 days later and I only have 15 lbs prehension force in that hand.. and it's my dominant side! With my left hand I was at 82 lbs prehension..

Last year it was already a relapse from the year before.

Exercises : Continue the ones I have for the hamstring tendon. I have new exercise for the shoulder. Only rest  and some stretching for the elbow.

43 mins total including :
8 mins warm-up on stationary cycle
8  x 2 mins-2mins
HIITs at resistance 10 ~ cross-ramp 10 ~ 13 -14 METs
Recuperation at  resistance 6~ cross-ramp 6 ~ 9 METs

3 mins cooldown

AveHR 134 / MaxHR 159 / 28 mins in-zone

I forgot my .mp3-voice-overs for the HIITs so I did the preprogrammed 2-2mins instead of 3-3mins.


PARTY at the gym (5 to 7)
Just some wine and a light buffet. Nice to take time to chat with people.

I do all my physio stretches and about 10 minutes more general stuff..

Superset 4 times
25 knee push-ups
50 xc-skiier's back-extensions with double pole push action and alternating hip adduction

OK.. you have 5 seconds to laugh at my drawing

And now seriously 

I noticed in my 2 hours of yard-skiing that I was sometimes "stuck" in the partly squat/crunch position in my movement.. I mean I got "up" and straight .. but I didn't feel I was really "free" in my movement. and that is what I hope to correct with my exercise.  It's not really a strength problem, I think it's just a "stress" thing.

We'll see

oh.. and I don't move forwards like in the picture.. the exercise is done on the spot.


TUESDAY, December 20th 2005  


Work was bad for my elbow today.. had to write alot with a pen. But I wore my tennis elbow strap so I hope I didn't worsten it. At noon I gave myself a "deep transverse massage". That hurts for the first 2 minutes, then the area goes numb. My physiotherapist really believes in it.

 I really need to read up on it more.. I just saw that :

quote :
"So far there is very little scientific evidence on mode of action and on effectiveness of friction. Only a few studies exist and more research is urgently needed. However, experienced therapists know in what kind of soft tissues they can expect good results with transverse massage and where the technique doesn’t work. Transverse massage either works quickly ( after 6 to 10 session) or not at all. Advices on indications, contra-indications and modalities of the technique that are given in this book rely solely on the expiences of its authors and not on scientific research."

Same as yesterday :
I do all my physio stretches and about 10 minutes more general stuff..

Same as yesterday :
Superset 4 times
25 knee push-ups
50 xc-skiier's back-extensions

I'm real glad I found how to have some sleek xc-ski pants.. I take my old Lycra Aerobics pants and just wear my soft black long-johns under them. I really feel like a pro! LOL I don't have the sleek top to go with it though..

WEDNESDAY, December 21st 2005

BIG day at work + overtime + shopping = gym late and tired.

WARM-UP cycling
10 mins at AveHR 106

WORKOUT Previous workout   ~   Next workout                                                                                                              
(program #4 Winter Interlude by Amélie Martin -8)

1) 3 x 8ea single legged split-squats with 25s
down 5lbs .. really wanted them strong.. with all my aches and pains.. to time to overwork.

2a) 8 Leg Press on Nautilus Nitro (horizontal) (3-0-3) @ 340 lbs
up 10 lbs , it's still my hammies tendon that is holding me back.
2b) 8 Seated Leg Curls on Nautilus Nitro (3-0-3) @ 110 lbs

3a) 60 secs Isometric MAX hold. lying on stomach with knees bent, sm swiss ball between calves and buttocks
3b) PHYSIO shoulder exercise

4a) Side plank with 20 leg lifts (1-0-1)
4b) 60 secs max Isometric hold. Lying on back, sm swiss ball between knees, calves parallel to ground.
4a) >once again after superset to total 2x20 each leg>
5A) 8 toe push-ups with arms apart but feet together
5b) PHYSIO shoulder exercise

Not with my tennis elbow!:
6a) 12 DB Press on Swiss ball
6b) 20 straight arm Lateral Lifts
I can't even
lift a 5lb DB in my hand

2 x 20   -½ sit-ups with leg extensions
7a) 12 Torso Rotation on Cybex, 45° (3-0-3) @ 90 lbs
back up to 90...
7b) 12 Back Extensions on Cybex (3-0-3) @ 105 lbs

Just out of curiosity  for my Weight Training :
AveHR  85 / MaxHR 125 / 148 calories / 60% fat / 27 minutes in-zone.

20 minutes some PNF.. some physio

20 mins stair climber
20 mins eliptical
AveHR 130 / MaxHR 149 / 256 calories / 40% fat / 27 minutes in-zone.
was really tired of my day by the time I got to this.. but I always think to myself at those times.. that It counts for double.. in endurance and courage, next time, when I'm NOT tired.. it will seem like a picnic.

* first time that I have  protein powder with water in my waterbottle for during and after my WO.
* I bought some fish oil gels, I find them expensive.. but well... I'll try for a while.
* I'm still taking my multi-vitamins.. but a different kind, couldn't find those I took before.

THURSDAY, December 22nd  2005

LAST DAY AT WORK until january 9th !!

1h10 in the back yard. (see December 16th)

I think it's time I change the heavy 1 h 00 eliptical cardios I do on thursdays to skiing.

everything felt good.. so I think that my back extensions got me relaxed as I wanted to

I would have continued another hour.. the weather was fine.. and skiing at night.. with only the porch lights and the neighbors' x-mas tree lights was something quite special.. but with all my aches and pains.. I'd rather be prudent.

Quote :

An Introduction To Training Intensities
in Cross Country Skiing

ZONE I: 60% - 75% of MHR

    This is your aerobic base training. This is the type of training that develops the strong central cardio - vascular components – a large powerful heart that can efficiently transport blood to the working muscles. Usually it takes the form of slow distance work- outs. What most people find so hard to believe is that this training is really s-l-o-w. In fact, it takes a lot of discipline to keep the heart rate down in this range. You should be able to carry on a conversation at this level and it may also mean walking any hills you come to.

    At first you may think "Hey, this is a joke, right? How do I get any benefit from this work- out?" While you may not achieve the same level of fatigue that you normally associate with a work- out, the benefits are definitely there! One of the most important reasons to train at Zone One is that it allows for good recovery.

    Believe it or not, this zone comprises the majority of hours in an annual training plan. If you are just starting a training program, do only Zone One until the rate of improvement slows down. Then slowly introduce of Zone Three and Four (depending on your goals). Even when your training plan is in full swing (no matter whether you are a novice or an elite racer), 75- 80% of all training should still be done at this level.

Most of the trails were filled in by new snow and because of the wind, it was great. It reminded me of the old trails in the 70's when the trails were made by skiers not by machinery. Which got me to thinking about all the trails that JackRabbit Johannsen must have opened. He is the one person in all my life that has motivated me the most towards fitness. And all that .. just by passing me on a ski trail in the 1970's when I was in my 20's and he was in his 90's.

* coming home from work I completely pigged out on peanut butter! I'm definately a PeaNut Butter Junkie!  (Natural PB so no salt added) At least 600 calories of it.. but well..I figure I had to celebrate the begining of the holidays. and it ended up my only supper. But I am sort of discouraged about all the diet stuff, even if I am maintaining the 133 lbs (5'6").

Mostly stretching.. for shoulder and hamstring tendon, some strength work for the shoulder.
some stretching for the elbow. My boyfriend gives my elbow a 10 minute "deep transverse massage" as the physiotherapist said to.
"Maybe" (but I don't believe it yet) I might be feeling some difference (better) in my hamstring stretch, and the massage for my elbow really did some good.

FRIDAY, December 23nd  2005

Christmas preparations all day. I would have much rather worked out.. remember.. this is the girl who skipped her highschool prom to go fencing.  But it will be good for me to take a break I think..

I do all my exercises properly... with dedication..thinking about my skiing next week.

yupp!!.. some improvement in my hammies tendon.. When I stand feet  together and legs straight I can now put my palms on the floor.. just very slightly feeling where I hurt.


SATURDAY, December 24th


Strength Training

There are  other sections (Aerobic Conditioning, Balance and Agility, Anaerobic Conditionning, Stretching) but I'll get to those some other time.

*in red : overlapping exercises



Do continuous weight-bearing exercises
repeated on either both or a single leg
for 20-30 reps.

Upper body :

do exercises :
21: Core Cable Flys
30: Lunge Matrix/Combos (LB as well)
38: Seated Single-Arm Pulley Pushes
118: Pulley/Cable Row
120: Lat Pull-Downs to the fr and rear
127: Dips
132: Single-Leg Hip, Knee Extension/Pull-Down
133: Staggered Stance Cross Diagonal Row With DBs
136: Standing-Weight Shift Triceps Press

Abdominals :

81: Supine Physioball Alternating Press
82: Squat to Double-Arm Overhead Diagonal Wall REach with Med.Ball
84: Single-Leg Stance Trunk Side Bend with Med Ball
85: Standing Single-Leg Abdominal Challenge With Dynamic Partner Resistance
86: Single-Leg Balance Overhead Double-Arm Tubing Challenge

Lower body :

24: Standing Push-Pull Core Rotations
29: Anterior Lunge With Opposite Knee Reach
30: Lunge Matrix/Combos (UB as well)
31.1: Lawnmower Pulls to a Row or an External Rotation (assissted single leg stance)
32: Double-Arm combination Row Squat
101: The Basic Hop
101.2: Lateral 
135: Shoulder Butt Burner Combo


Upper body :
To help symplify this program,

choose two from the rowing exercises :
118: Pulley/Cable Row
119: Bent BB Row 
131: Single-Arm DB Row 
133: Staggered Stance Cross Diagonal Row With DBs
134: Prone Reach/Row/Kick-Back 

choose one from each of the following groups :
123 : Lateral DB Raise  or 124: Front DB Raise

126: Triceps Extensions   or 127: Dips

111: DB flat Bench PRess  115: Push-Up   or
       130: Single-Arm DB Row 

do exercises
139: DB Palms-Up Wrist Curl
140: DB Palms-Down Wrist Curl

Abdominals :

do exercises :

78.5: Lower Abs Progression
79,2 : Upper Abs Strengthening or 92: Supine Crunch on Physioball
82: Squat to Double-Arm Overhead Diagonal Wall REach with Med.Ball
84: Single-Leg Stance Trunk Side Bend with Med Ball
88: Kneeling Ab Dolly/Roller Core Challenge
93: Supine Ball Toss with Partner

Lower body : (for portages)

29: Anterior Lunge With Opposite Knee Reach
95: Squat
97: Lunge


It would take me a very long time to figure out how to mix the two programs properly and considering my present strenghs, weaknesses, aches and pains, equipement available and time.

I'll ask the chief trainer at my gym (who is a phys ed teacher I trust) to see how he would do it for me.

exercises for shoulder, hammies tendon and elbow.
 I start some Therapy Putty handling between my fingers, but only a few seconds  with my elbow really bent

I decide to stop taking the anti-inflammatories.

Dine and Dance

 Christmas party at the dance hall in Montréal where we go most often.
It's also our 8th anniversary of being together.

Do-Ré-Mi Stardust
With a christmas tree in the middle of the dance floor and lots of happy, smiling dancers, including us. The atmosphere is really magial.c I think that since X-mas is usually a family affaire, it brings all of us closer. We are  truely with our dance family.

 An absolutely perfect evening.

SUNDAY, December 25th 2005

Merry Christmas!

TUESDAY, December 27th 2005

Two days of feasting with loved ones, and now we're off to Québec City .. hopefully for some skiing. I'll log when I come back.

At Bernard and Céline's place for three days.

Got a chance to marvel at Saturn  .. Very special to see the planet's rings for real through a telescope and not on picutres.

Also gazed  at Orion's Nebulus  and Mars.

I've been into Star Gazing for a long time.. so I love a chance to get a closer look.

Love the winter sky..
but sh*t it's cold outside at night!

WEDNESDAY, December 28th 2005

Camp Mercier
AM 1h17 / 526 calories / AveHR 135 / inZone 50 minutes
PM 1h46 / 739 calories / AveHR 137 / inZone 1h26

Round trip starting at "CAMP MERCIER" + going on trails
# 30 -10 - 11 - 13 - Le Pic - 03 - La Gélinotte - 12 - 11 - 10 - 30

of course the pictures are never in the real fun or difficult spots

Grey Jay at the "La Gélinotte" Cabin. There were quite a few and not shy at all. We took turns feeding them.


They specially liked the big chunks of fruit-cake.

THURSDAY, December 29th 2005

AM 1h00 / 435 calories / AveHR 144 / inZone 54 minutes
PM 1h16 / 520 calories / AveHR 135 / inZone 1h02
Round trip starting at "HORIZON" + going on trails
# 1 - 7 - 8 (for 0.5 km) - 10  - La détente - 10  - 2 - 1 

Once I realized that the reason I sometimes couldn't do the proper body movement  was that I wasn't always transfering my weight from one foot to the other things went much better. It's crazy how I could have forgotten that from one year to the next!

Long hills up.. long hills down.. (more info to come)

A well deserved lunch break.

Gabriel, Mary-Lou, Bernard, Céline, Johann

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