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SATURDAY, June 20th 2009

Sentiers des Crêtes Parc du Mont Orford / Sentiers de l'Estrie

HIKING  start 9h18 AM / end at 4h48 PM
DENIVELATION  up 550 m / down 100 m / up 125 m / down 50 m / up 130 m / Then the same route back (something like that)

1h43 mins  / 1241 calories / 35% fat / AveHR 131 79%/ MaxHR 158 96% / 1h15 mins inZone (75%+)

1h51 mins  /  1181 calories / 45% fat / AveHR 121 73%/ MaxHR 150 91% / 42 mins inZone (75%+)
Uphill on an Alpine Ski slope for the last 20 mins wasn't that bad this year!
LUNCH 19 mins
2h016 mins /1315 calories / 50% fat / AveHR 115 70%/ MaxHR 141 85% / 35 mins inZone (75%+)
SNACK 6 mins
1h12 mins  /  569 calories / 60% fat / AveHR 103 62%/ MaxHR 130 79% / 2 mins inZone (75%+)

A little rain on the way back makes it very slippery. Gabriel skids down about 10 feet into the forest besides the trail. Mostly scratches but breaks one of his hiking poles. I slip about 30 minutes later and also get a good bruise on my right arm. So although we took 25 less minutes going up, we took about 15 minutes more coming done. Anyways, what counts most is that we're both feeling quite good about the hike and about our fitness level. Like I hardly feel that I'm carrying an 18 lbs pac sac. Andr bringing 3 liters of water shouldn't scare me, it was just right. Oh.. I must say that I did feel yesterdays legs Workout in my Glutes at different times in the day, but nothing too much.

BED AT 10h30 PM

SUNDAY, June 21st 2009
Happy first Father's Day to Manouane. I luv you my son :)


MSR HyperFlow Microfilter

The MSR HyperFlow is one of the lightest pump filters on the market, and by far the fastest. It is comparable in size, weight, and effectiveness to the Katadyn Mini, but significantly faster, at 2 liters-per-minute (tested) compared to the Mini’s .5 liter-per-minute ceramic filter.

Because of its cold-weather limitations and potential fragility, the HyperFlow is not for everyone. But warm-weather backpackers and lightweight hikers who can’t use chemical treatment, or simply prefer a filter, will find the HyperFlow to be a welcome option for three-season trips.

Weight: 7.7 oz
Dimensions: 7 x 3.5 inches
Filter Matrix: Hollow Fiber
Filter Pore Size: 0.2 micron
Flow: 2.75 liters per minute
Strokes: 20-30 strokes per liter
Filter Life: 1000 liters

I've been wanting to buy a water filter for our hiking for quite a time. It seems to have trouble handling non-clear water, but I think I encounter clear water most of the time, and usually have chemical water-treatment pills with me in case I really need them. Besides, BACKPACKER Magazine says in its Gear Guide issue " .. is the fastest, lightest, most reliable filter we've tested. It won an Editors' Choice Award last year."

7h00 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton # 07 Stretching
57 mins
 It's nice to know that I really need the "Rest or Stretch" today. No questions about that. But I didn't really feel like it. Asked Gabriel if he'll be stretching and at first he said no, but then he came with me.. at the end I thanked him.. and he thanked me

I had quand DOMS during the night.. bad.. but I feel all good by noon.  I think that all the blood circulation in my shoulder and butt yesterday was very good for the aches and pains I had.

BED AT 9h45 PM 

MONDAY, June 22nd 2009 ~ WEEK 12 of " P90X " ~  
Last "regular" week of P90X, got to make it a good one, but well, they all were good so far! 

4h31 PM BUNS OF STEEL ~ GROUP FITNESS with Amélie Martin
54 mins / AveHR  121  73% / MaxHR  158  96%  / 519 cals / 40 % fat / 21 mins InZone (75%+)

55 mins+ / AveHR  118  72% / MaxHR  157  95%  / 552 cals / 45 % fat / 23 mins InZone

I should actually start a new log these days.. but I'd like to at least finish Wk 12 of P90X, when I think that I'll be able to says that it's over, even if there IS another Synergistics, Yoga, Kenpo week... It's more of a cool down


BED AT 10h30 PM

TUESDAY,  June 23rd  2009

3rd time : At 5h30 Massage therapist Pascal Lussier  at the Clinique de Physiotherapie Robert Daigneault about my left shoulder. My left shoulder is almost good, but my right shoulder is starting to hurt. This is a luxury though, I could just wait and tough it out.. but I train so hard, sometimes I feel I deserve a little help.

7h40 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton —  # 02 Plyometrics
56 mins+ / AveHR  124  75% / MaxHR  149  90%  / 613 cals / 40 % fat / 36 mins InZone (75%+) 
I'm still experimenting with weights.. I wear 1 lbs on each ankle and 3 x 2,5 lbs around the waist for exercises 1 to 8 and
1 lbs on each ankle for exercises 9 to 16 and no weights for the rest. I want to make sure that I'm not hurting myself..
Gabriel also went to get his aches and pains treated, and is out mowing the lawn.

BED AT Midnight Bons feux de la St-Jean les Québécois!

WEDNESDAY,  June 24th 2009
Bonne fête les Québécois!

11h16 AM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton —  #09 Chest, shoulders & triceps
57 mins+/ AveHR  87  53% / MaxHR  197  119%  / 250cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+) 
I'm wasted! feel sick. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten a yogourt just before.. Or maybe it's just about time that I need some days off. I have one more weights WO then it's Core/Yoga/Kenpo/etc week.

Last weights WO of P90X !!!
h05 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton #10 Back & Biceps
56 mins + / AveHR  90  55% / MaxHR  199  121%  / 276 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+) 

Feeling much better than this morning. Note to self : no dairy products before WO.

5h42 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton —  # 12 Ab Ripper X
15 mins / AveHR  81  49% / MaxHR  165  100%  / 59 cals / 50 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+)
Now that was a No-Go.. but I did it.. at maybe 75%..and completely wasted .. and with a pinch in my lower back to the right.


Week 13 of 13 : starting Monday June 29th

My Plan to include Group Classes

60 mins Buns of Steel Group Fitness
60 mins Cardio Militaire Group Fitness

60 mins P90X # 08 Core Synergistics

60 mins
Cardio Tae Boxe Group Fitness

60 mins P90X
# 07 Stretch

60 mins
P90X # 08 Core Synergistics

2 - 6 hours hiking
60 mins
# 04 YogaX

60 mins
# 07 Stretch

The P90X Classic Program

0 mins P90X
# 04 Yoga X


60 mins
P90X #
08 Core Synergistics

60 mins P90X # 06 Kenpo X

60 mins P90X
# 07 Stretch

60 mins
P90X # 08 Core Synergistics

60 mins
P90X # 04 YogaX


P90X rest
60 mins
P90X # 07 Stretch

BED AT 10h30  PM

THURSDAY,  June 25th 2009
Go to Montréal for a consultation with DrLeroux, she gives me a reference to a Physio.
9h37 AM  P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton —  #04 Yoga
1h20 mins/
I don't wear my HR monitor but it's probably about  200cals
It's terribly hot and humid today.. thunderstorms in the air.. forecast for this week-end as well, that could really change our hiking plans.

BED AT 11h00  PM

FRIDAY,  June 26th 2009
Doing 5 days of work in 3,5 days is always a rush, by 2h30 pm I'm in a daze.

Thunderstorms in the forecast all over the place, so I guess that tomorrow's hike is off.  So I'll do Kenpo tomorrow and just stretch today. I'm one WO ahead for the week since I did two on Wednesday.

Ordered P90X+ today I want to try it out a little before actually incorporating some of it in my workouts.

7h30 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton # 07 Stretching
57 mins  
not one of my best flexability days, but I always say "in fitness, when you don't like something, it's probably the thing you need".


I become a "Fan" of Tony Horton and write this message on the board :

"For some years at the gym I'd been doing "energy Yoga" and "cardio tae-box" , serious weight traing and cardio Intervals, and knew that I wasn't stretching quite as much as I should be. P90X brought it all together. I have just one week left in the program and I'm very proud to soon be a P90X graduate. I still have alot to get out of this program, specially in upper body strength so I'll be starting again in September, incorporating some P09X+ Workouts.. THANKS TONY!       Note: I'm a 55 years old, love hiking and cross-country skiing. "

BED AT 11h30 PM

SATURDAY,  June 27th 2009

1h25 PM  P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — # 06 Kenpo X
WU — mostly stretching
11 mins / AveHR  68  41% / MaxHR  89  54%  / 21 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+) 
4 mins+ / AveHR  111  67% / MaxHR  215  130%  / 383 cals / 50 % fat / 5 mins InZone (75%+) 
Not cardio enough to my taste but gain alot of coordination in these WOs


Looking Good Isn't Good Enough
Wednesday June 17th, 2009

Exert from an article by Tony Horton

"I think our egos can coexist with a more important and powerful energy that can give us purpose on this planet. This energy is the desire to be better. To be stronger, healthier, smarter, more patient and more productive. It's the desire to figure out what you're fighting for. What are YOU fighting for? Is it shapelier calves or to enter and finish your first 10K? Is priority 1 to lose the belly or to do 40 perfect push-ups? Is it looking good in a red dress at a wedding in front of a bunch of people who care too much about what they look like in front of you? BORING! I'm more impressed with the fit girl who can do splits on the dance floor. Success comes from a very gentle shift in priorities. From look-like to can-do. For some this shift is as simple as an on-off switch. For others it will be like cracking a safe. If you find that life has been filled with too many ups and downs then it might be time to make the shift. Constant focus on looking good will only disappoint you. Discover that fighting to be better, brings thrills and chills you never thought imaginable."

I think along the same lines as these, and the older I get the more satisfaction I get out of being fit. Maybe because when I was young I took fitness for granted.

BED AT 10h00  PM

SUNDAY,  June 28th 2009

LOWER BACK. maybe hormones.. Started 2 days ago but it was only really definate today. Ice, Tylénols, and rest.

BED AT 9h30 PM 

MONDAY,  June 29th 2009  ~ LAST WEEK of " P90X " ~  

7h00 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton # 07 Stretching
57 mins My back was still fragile this morning so I play it safe by doing yesterday's stretching instead of P90X yoga or what I usully do on Mondays at the gym. Feels good. Sometimes less is what we need.


I believe "being fit" is : "C'est la possibilité de profiter de la vie au maximum" .. that means "It's the ability to take advantage of life at it's fullest" for me... it's as simple as that.

and the components of fitness are well defined in CrossFit's library


1. Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance - The ability of body systems to gather, process, and deliver oxygen.

2. Stamina - The ability of body systems to process, deliver, store, and utilize energy.

3. Strength - The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply force.

4. Flexibility - the ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint.

5. Power - The ability of a muscular unit, or combination of muscular units, to apply maximum force in minimum time.

6. Speed - The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement.

7. Coordination - The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.

8. Agility - The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another.

9. Balance - The ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base.

10. Accuracy - The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity.

(Ed. - Thanks to Jim Crawley and Bruce Evans of Dynamax,\)

BED AT 10h30 PM 

TUESDAY,  June 30th  2009

7h19 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Program # 08 Core Synergistics
54 mins+/ AveHR  108  65% / MaxHR  141  85%  / 458 cals / 50% fat / 10 mins InZone (75%+) 
I didn't remember this being quite as hard as it is.. but I do well, although I seem to be aching all over and even though I waited 2 hours after eating, I almost throw up during "superman-banana".

BED AT 11h30

WEDNESDAY,  July 1st 2009
Canada Day Visit Manouane in afternoon & PM

9h10 AM WU  ~ Jogging around the block 2x
14 mins+/ AveHR  139  84% / MaxHR  152  92%  / 87cals / 30 % fat / 12 mins InZone (75%+)
This is the speed I need to be at for now.

9h36 PM  P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — # 06 Kenpo X
WO (changed the WU to running)
36 mins+ / AveHR  133  81% / MaxHR  149  90%  / 436 cals / 35 % fat / 32 mins InZone (75%+) 
going to TR so don't have time to do the stretching WU, nore the cool down.  But the WO is great. I skip the 1 mins breaks but stay in zone alot more than usual. I'll have to go running more often before the WOs.

PLANNING I just want to remember that this is the model I want to buy.

The Reactor stove's radiant burner is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger for unmatched performance in windy conditions while an advanced pressure regulator provides optimal heat output over the life of a fuel canister. Stove and fuel stow inside of the high-efficiency 1.7-liter pot that's great for everything from solo trips to cooking for groups of up to three people. A collapsible handle locks the unique see-thru lid in place for safe and easy transport.

Packaged Weight 532 g
Burn time  per 227-g  canister ~ 80 minutes
Boil time  1 liter 3 minutes

Editors' Choice Awards / Backpacker Magazine / April 2009


"Primus designed the EtaPower EF Trail Stove as a lighter alternative to its original EtaPower stove, which was given the Editor's Choice Award in 2007 by Backpacker Magazine. Designed for overnight trips and ultralight backpacking excursions, the EtaPower Trail features a piezoelectric starter and covered burner base for maximum fuel efficiency on the trail. The 2.1L pot comes with an integrated heat exchanger to further reduce your energy loss while cooking. The EtaPower EF Trail Stove runs on most brands of canister fuel, so there's no messy gas spills to deal with."
- Weights: EtaExpress stove: 2.9 oz (82 g)
                1 L pot w/ fry pan lid: 10.4 oz (295 g)
- BTUs: 8500 per hour
- Boil time: 3.15 minutes
- Packed Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.9" (115 diameter x 140 mm tall)

Maybe Gabriel would rather have something more versatile.

BED AT 11h30  PM

THURSDAY,  July 2nd  2009

7h16 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton # 07 Stretching
57 mins
I don't know, I'm aching all over from knots in my muscles.. I guess stretching is good for me.. but I'd rather just be watching TV tonight. No matter, it's done.

I go to the gym to find out more about the fit test. This is what I learn :



What I understood it to be
1 BMI (IMC in french) Weight and Height
2 Waist and Hip mesurements Ratio
3 5 point body fat measuremnt triceps / biceps / subscapular / suprailiac / calf
4 Push-ups on knees / hands under shoulders
5 Back extension horizontal, max 180 seconds
6 Sub maximal treadmill walk Constant speed, incline is upped every 3 minutes, how many levels before 145 bpm HR
7 Prehension Grip strength
8 Static Felxability Hip and Trunk - sitting
9 Vertical Jump Probably the wall test

Push-ups : on knees with hands under shoulder, nose to ground : 28 + 21 + 19, but were my hands close enough?

BED AT 10h30

FRIDAY,  July 3rd 2009
Take a planned afternoon off.. really need it with all that's going on at work.

3h27 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Program # 08 Core Synergistics
WU +
mins+/ AveHR  111  67% / MaxHR  141  85%  / 417 cals / 50% fat / 11 mins InZone (75%+) 
I do max regular knee push-ups instead of those in the WO just to be at ease with them next Tuesday. 31 + 27 + 23 + 20 + 14 = 115

BED AT 10h30

SATURDAY,  July 4th 2009
I feel weird.. like if time is staying still until the end of P90X, my Fit Test and our Rockies Vacation. I play the thin line between getting DOMS or getting injured and hope that my arms are just aching from the push-ups yesterday.

2h43 PM  P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton —  #04 Yoga
1h22 mins
+/ AveHR  79  48% / MaxHR  192  116%  / 272 cals / 60% fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+)
I didn't really feel like doing this, but it went well.  

BED AT 11h30  PM

SUNDAY,  July 5th 2009

12h05 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton # 07 Stretching
57 mins

~ This was DAY 90 of " P90X " ~
WOW !!! I made it !

BED AT 10h30  PM

MONDAY,  July 6th 2009
Moving day at work.. stress & unexpected change.. "à suivre..."

I figure this is what I need before my Fit-Test tomorrow.

BED AT 10h30  PM A phone call wakes me up just as I was falling asleep, and at 3 am I wake up again and have trouble sleeping because I think about my job. Just what I DON'T need before my Fit-Tes tomorrow.

TUESDAY,  July 7th 2009
Happy 2nd Aniversary Manouane & Massiel!
More changes at work, but I'll be ok. Try to catch up what I'm late on because of the moving day.

Biotonix FIT TEST  Keeping it real.
6h00 PM ~ 60 mins with Alex Bernier, Energie Cardio
I wish I had slept better last night, I would surely have done better on the submaximal treadmill walking test, but it is probably the weak link of P90X as well, so something I'll work on.

BMI : 23,5 % = 4/4
Waist - Hip Ratio : 0,76 =4/4
Caliper Test : 31% = 4/4 ** see DIET note below
(Triceps : 17mm / Biceps : 12 mm / Subscapular : 7mm / Suprailiac :7 / calf :15 mm)
Submaximal Treadmill Walking Test : 5 levels
= 3/4
Prehension : Left 40 kg / Right 40 kg
= 4/4
Flexibility : 48 cm
(18.9") = 4/4
Vertical Jump : 44 cm
  ( 17,32") = 4/4
Knee Push-Ups , elbows to right-angle : 85
= 4/4
Max 25 Crunchs (low sit-ups) :  Max
= 4/4
Max 180 seconds Back Extension : Max
= 4/4

Total : Physiological Age : 29 !

**Alex said he finds the Caliper Test  calculation  weird.. that according to the numbers I should be lower..That usually the total devide by 2 is the %. That would still be too much. I need to loose the extra. The
Durnin/Womersley 4 site Caliper Method gives me 22,48.

BED AT 10h30  PM

WEDNESDAY,  July 8th 2009
Eat 10 mins lunch at 2h00 PM and don't take a break in the afternoon. DANGER.. I have to relax.

10 mins / AveHR  123  75% / MaxHR  151  92%  / 107 cals / 40 % fat / 6 mins InZone
sort of like Fit-Test : speed 3,5 mi/hr (5.633 km/hr) 6 levels (but for different lengths of time ea)My upper left hamstring tendon starts hurting at halfway (same as yesterday)

mins+ / AveHR  129  78% / MaxHR  159  96%  / 691 cals / 40 % fat / 39 mins InZone (75%+) 
ahhh it feels so good to be back at the gym.

BED AT 10h40 PM

THURSDAY,  July 9th 2009
Happy Birthday my brother!
Eat 10 mins lunch again and don't take a break in the afternoon. DANGER.. but I am more relaxed.

4h24 PM CARDIO  aim : to see where I'm at.
1h00 mins / AveHR  143  87% / MaxHR  161  98%  / 846 cals / 25 % fat / 51 mins InZone
Nautilus Treadmill
14 mins at 4,3 mph / incline % progression every 2 mins : 0-2-4-6-8-10 (talk about 30 secs at 8 mins)
4 mins at 3,6 mph / incline % progression every 2 mins : 12-14
Precor 556i
6 x 15 secs - 90 secs intervals at 10-16
6 x 15 secs - 90 secs intervals at 10-14 (for speed)
Precor 100i
2,5 x 180 secs - 180 secs intervals at 4 (running) - 18 (climbing)

45 mins+ / AveHR  96  58% / MaxHR  121  73%  / 310 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+) 
I like this combination of Cardio and stretching..

BED AT 10h30 PM

FRIDAY, July 10th 2009
Another day at work where I get a headache because of people speaking so loud that I can't hear myself think! It's been like that all week, since I moved to the new office. So glad that it was the last day before vacation time.

6h54 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Off-Program # 01 Chest & Back
mins+  / AveHR  104  63% / MaxHR  138  84%  / 414 cals / 55 % fat / 4 mins InZone (75%+) 
Still have a headache at during the first third of the WO.
1) wearing my weight training gloves during Push-ups prevents my hands from slipping on the carpet when my hands are wider than my yoga mat.
2) working real hard, I have trouble remembering my goals when they are 2 numbers as in Push-ups : ie : 10 regular / 15 knee ..

20h33 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Off-Program # 12 Ab Ripper X
15 mins / AveHR  87  53% / MaxHR  108  65%  / 67 cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+)

Trying to figure out how I can add some cardio the next time I do P90X.
I'll be coming back to change it a couple of times.

Weeks 1-2-3 of 13 : starting Monday September 7th

My Plan to include Group Classes & extra Cardio

60 mins Buns of Steel Group Fitness
60 mins Cardio Militaire Group Fitness

60 mins P90X # 01 Chest & Back
15 mins P90X # 12 Ab Ripper X

60 mins Cardio Tae-Boxe

60 mins Cardio / Intervals at Gym

60 mins P90X # 07 Stretch at Gym

60 mins
P90X # 03 Shoulders & Arms

15 mins P90X # 12 Ab Ripper X

2 - 6 hours hiking
60 mins P90X # 02 Plyometrics

60 mins
Ballroom Dance Class
P90X rest

60 mins P90X # 04 Yoga X

The P90X Classic Program

0 mins P90X
# 01 Chest & Back
15 mins P90X # 12 Ab Ripper X

60 mins
P90X # 02 Plyometrics

60 mins P90X # 03 Shoulders & Arms
15 mins P90X # 12 Ab Ripper X

60 mins P90X
## 04 Yoga X

60 mins
P90X # 05 Legs & Back
15 mins P90X # 12 Ab Ripper X

60 mins P90X # 06 Kenpo X

P90X rest
60 mins
P90X # 07 Stretch

BED AT 10h30 PM but don't sleep well

SATURDAY, July 11th 2009

Weather forecast for our comming vacation.

This is the weather forecast for Banff, Albert. We'll be hiking there between July15th and 24th. But well, we all know that it can change.


11h07 PM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Off-Program  # 03 Shoulders & Arms
1h01 mins+
/ AveHR  92  56% / MaxHR  123  75%  / 351cals / 60 % fat / 0 mins InZone (75%+) 
Really feel that I did
# 01 Chest & Back yesterday and that I didn't sleep well, but it was still an excellent WO .

DIET 140 lbs

Body Fat Caliper Measurement Sites - Women

Chest - Diagonal fold, one third of the way between upper armpit and nipple
Midaxillary - Horizontal fold, directly below armpit
Bicep - Vertical fold, halfway between shoulder and elbow, directly on bicep
Abdominal - Vertical fold, one inch to the right of navel
Suprailiac - Diagonal fold, directly above iliac crest
Thigh- Vertical fold, midway between knee cap and top of thigh
Calf - Vertical fold, inside of leg on largest part of calf
Subscapular - Diagonal fold, directly below shoulder blade
Tricep - Vertical fold, midway between elbow and shoulder
Lower Back - Horizontal fold, directly over the kidneys, and 2 inches to the right of spine

Body Fat Caliper Procedures1
1.) All measurement should be made on the right side of the body
2.) Caliper should be placed 1 cm away from the thumb and finger, perpendicular to the skinfold, and halfway between the crest and the base of the fold
3.) Pinch should be maintained while reading the caliper
4.) Wait 1 to 2 s (and not longer) before reading caliper
5.) Take duplicate measures at each site and retest if duplicate measurements are not within 1 to 2 mm
6.) Rotate through measurement sites or allow time for skin to regain normal texture and thickness

Taken during Fit-Test (July 7th) :
Tricep : 17mm
Bicep : 12 mm
Subscapular : 7mm
Suprailiac :7
Calf :15 mm
I take at home (July 12th):
Chest : 7mm
Midaxillary : 6mm
Abdomen : 7mm
Thigh : 22mm
Lower Back : 6mm

Going by circumference of neck, waist and hips, my BF% is 23, and with the Caliper test it varies alot, depending on which method I use. I guess my BF is not distributed very equally.  With the nine measurements of the  Parrillo 9 site Caliper Method  I get : 18,25% — Lbs of body fat : 24,92 (11,78 kgs)  — Lean body weight 116.09,08 lbs ( 52,76 kgs).

Anyhow,  what is sure is that I must NOT listen to those who say that I should't loose any more weight.

BED AT 10h00 PM

SUNDAY, July 12th 2009

11h30 AM P90X  ~ HOME FITNESS with Tony Horton — Off-Program  # 07 Stretching
55 mins
 Didn't feel like doing it, but I "pushed play" and did it anyways.

BED AT 10h00 PM 

MONDAY, July 13th 2009
First day of 3 week summer vacation. Last day before 10 day trip to Alberta,

4h33 PM BUNS OF STEEL ~ GROUP FITNESS with Amélie Martin
54 mins / AveHR  125  76% / MaxHR  185  112%  / 567 cals / 35 % fat / 27 mins InZone (75%+)

58 mins / AveHR  123  75% / MaxHR  165  100%  / 637 cals / 40 % fat / 29 mins InZone
I felt great. and my headache only came back after my 2 hours of training.

I think that I still have a slight exertion headache from the Push-ups Test last Tuesday. It comes and goes. Tylénol helps. This is a new experience, I don't think that I've evert had this before. Or maybe it wasn't this obvious. The loud atmosphere at work may be responsable as well.

BED AT 9h00 PM

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