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SATURDAY, August 23rd 2008 

     Congrès Tempsdanses et entraînement 08
For trainers, instructors, kinesiologists and fitness specialists.

Organized by ENERGIE CARDIO Auberge des Seigneurs
St-Hyacinthe ( Québec )

Fitness is getting more popular every day and new trends are constantly emerging. That’s why we wanted to offer you a great scope convention, hosted by the best lecturers from Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. This event was specifically designed for the instructor and the professional trainer conscious about the quality of its training and the safety of its clients.

We will offer more than 60 different workshops related to various fitness specialities and novelties.

Enjoy the convention !
Jennifer Pelletier, Julie le Gruiec & Karine Côté

June 10th : I register The classes I chose are here below : I hope I get them, I registered on June 10th and am waiting for the answer
June 11th : I give a copie of the program to Doris. She seems interested.
June 16th : I get registration confirmation by the mail. I get all my first choices.

8 h 00 to 9 h 15 101— Slave to the rythm 
John Shehan
London (UK)   "And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,…" Sounds familiar ? Sounds boring ? Speed up, slow down, freeze frame and break a beat to add variety to an otherwise humdrum routine. Join John in this step class and learn how to use rhythm to free your choreography from the shackles of predictability.




9 h 45 to 11 h 206— Shoulderstand Do’s and Dont’s
Donna Read
  "Centre de Yoga" in Montréal, Québec  In this workshop, we will go through a practice of poses that will get you ready for the queen of all asanas. We will then look at different ways of practicing and teaching this incredible beneficial pose that if taught properly can calm the mind and body more than you can imagine…



11 h 15 to 12 h 15 Conférence — Nutrition et activité physique au féminin : comprendre et informer dietetist team  The wide interest of women regarding health and nutrition is a known fact. However, are they sufficiently and well informed when comes time to apply the recommendations to their conditions and stage of life ? This conference on sporting nutrition and women will help you in your daily practice with your female clients.

12 h 15 to 13 h 15 LUNCH BREAK

13 h 15 to 14 h 30 303— Ultimate total gliding experience 
Helen Vanderburg
 Calgary, Canada / past World Champion synchronized swimmer. Come experience the latest and greatest in total body training. Gliding turns traditional exercises into smooth, consistent, flowing patterns for unparalleled success. Using the Gliding discs, Helen will guide you through exercises for every major muscle group. She will transform classic exercise staples into Gliding motion. It is hard to believe an idea so simple, can produce such graceful power. Experience Gliding for yourself and see how every exercise is enhanced with the Gliding discs.


15 h 00 to 16 h 30 405— Entraînement en dépense calorique (Calorie expenditure training)
Jean-Denis Thomson B.Sc Kinésiologie, Montréal, Québec This theorical workshop demystifies training strategies for caloric output and obstacles that come up during healthy weight lost. In addition, this workshop will cover the principles and methods of muscular and cardiovascular training used during a caloric output training and you will learn how to adapt your approach to your customers’ weight loss objectives.


16 h 45 to 18 h 00  505— Les besoins du client sportif (Sports cleintel's needs)
Marc-Olivier Dagenais 
Marc has done doctoral studies in sports psychology, has a Master’s Degree in Coaching Sciences in addition to being a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Registered Kinesiologist, Can-Fit-Pro PTS and NCCP Level IV Certified Coach. Do you know how to develop a sport specific training program ? Lying down on a bench and pressing a lot of weight does very little to improve one’s performance on the court, field or ice ! Athletic performance is enhanced by training the movements, not the muscles. Come review the principle of specificity and find out how to plan a highly successful sport specific training program to develop functional strength, power, speed, agility and quickness. In this session, your will learn the secrets to bring your clients "game" to the next level !




SUNDAY, August 24th 2008 

Congrès Tempsdanses et entraînement08 Organized by ENERGIE CARDIO

7 h 30 to 8 h 45 602 — Bâton Exercice La nouveauté de l’heure
Jennifer Pelletier B.Sc Kinésiologie,  Muscular and cardiovascular training in one, this workshop will teach you a vast number of muscular exercises to add to your aerobics routine to create an exercise stick class. At the end of this workshop, you will be hooked on this new trend and you will want to teach it too.



9 h 15 to 10 h 30 702  Active Sport Conditionning
Darin Dieterich
Germany.  Active Sports Conditioning is an intensive 30 or 60-minute cardio interval or circuit workout that challenges the body and the mind. Active sport moves and games keep the brain fully challenged without using overwhelming choreography. The added effect of teamwork and task-oriented activity keeps the class concept fresh and interesting for all levels. This class format caters to those new participants that want to start with activity that is familiar and effective. Everyone knows how to do a jumping jack, but many new exercisers don’t know a grapevine from a step touch.


11 h 00 to 12 h 15 804  Are you in the zone ? Heart rate focused riding
Laura Warf
 Fitness Director for Interclub des Laurentides in Piedmont, Qc. and an editor for Beyond Fitness magazine.  Take the guesswork out of training intensity. This session will provide an in-depth understanding of heart rate training. Calculate your own maximal heart rate and riding zone. Intensities will be monitored throughout the ride. Teach your students the importance of monitoring their heart rate to achieve their full potential in fitness or athletic objectives. Our heart tells us how much recovery we need – in between intervals and also in between workouts for optimal recovery. Numerous other benefits will be examined in this session. The simplest and most continuous way to monitor heart rate is through the use of a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors are recommended for this session.


12 h 15 to 13 h 15 LUNCH BREAK

13 h 15 to 14 h 30  903  Hip Hop Vs Sexifit
Jennifer Pelletier et Julie Le Gruiec
Both B.Sc Kinésiologie Hip Hop and Sexifit are classes that can be really similar since lots of hip hop moves are very sensual. However, when those two classes are offered in the same establishment, they have to be different. Jennifer and Julie will teach a pure hiphop style choreography followed by a Sexifit choreography with a different flavor. This session will give you some new and original ideas for both classes in the same workshop.


14 h 45 to 16 h 00 1003 Hard work conditionning
Patrick Goudeau
Patrick Goudeau is a NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete and celebrity trainer. While getting in shape should be fun, it’s not always easy. This TOTAL BODY workout is the real deal with no time wasted and no muscle left untouched. Creative, compound exercises designed for maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. See why it’s so EASY to get hooked on Patrick’s HARD WORK CONDITIONING… and remember, a little HARD WORK pays off in the end !




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