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THURSDAY,   March 30th 2017
nap 30 mins when I get home from work

We get a call just before we leave for volleyball.. Bad news for D / . Green is her favorite color. I feel alot of anger in me :/

7h15 PM VOLLEYBALL with Gabriel,  at EURÉKA school / Play 'til 9h15
we're 9.then 6. All things considering.. it's ok

planned BED AT 11h30 PM

FRIDAY, March 31st 2017

9h02 AM CARDIO TAE-BOXE ~ GROUP FITNESS with Nathalie Archambault
50 mins / AveHR  132  83% / MaxHR  154 96 %  / 492 cals / 30 % fat / 35  mins InZone (75%+)
week  1/4..

Visit M from noon to 6h30 pm .. the girls are there. and M-L & , A just a little while. . Take a nice pic of D on the treadmill

 / talk about 20 minutes in Spanish with R. It REALLY helps me and I hope we will do it again .

BED AT 10h00 PM

SUNDAY,   April 2nd 2017

9h31 AM BUNS OF STEEL Group fitness with  Nathalie Archambault
48+ mins  / AveHR  134  84% / MaxHR  159  99%  / 490  cals / 30 % fat / 36  mins InZone (75%+)
week 1/5-6?  / talk in Spanish for a few minutes with M who has been in QC only for 2 months..

 BED AT 11h20 PM

MONDAY,  April 3rd 2017

bad news for the basement , the insurance might not cover all of the costs.

TUESDAY,   April 4th 2017

6h05 PM BUNS OF STEEL Group fitness with  Mélissa
48 mins +  / AveHR  126  79% / MaxHR  155  97%  / 435 cals / 35 % fat / 30  mins InZone (75%+)
mixed steps and cardio /  I feel  empty, think alot of D

7h13 PM CARDIO MILITAIRE ~ GROUP FITNESS with  Rémy Morrissette Marsan,
44+ mins / AveHR  127  79% / MaxHR  148 93%  / 402 cals / 40 % fat / 27 mins InZone (75%+)

regular group fitness.. with steps / DBs / mat / elastic
I'm very tired...

Mountain Climber
Step run
Stand up from kneeling, jump on Step / I do 2 back lunges and jump over Step
PU and bird-dog
Step over step and back lunge
Plyo Diamond-to-regular PUs on knees for me
Squat with foot back diagonal lunge & stand with elastic pull apart
KB20 Swing
Biceps elastic
and more..

BED AT 10h30

with Gaby , supper at Normandin's in Ste-Julie with Agi K

THURSDAY,    April 6th 2017
very bad day at work, tired of someone who doesn't care if they make mistakes that affect me

7h15 PM VOLLEYBALL with Gabriel,  at EURÉKA school / Play 'til 9h15
we're 9 at the most and I have trouble concentrating on the game.

BED AT 11h30 PM

FRIDAY,   April 7th 2017
Meet Johanne P at  Desjardins for planning. She understands what I want.

9h01 AM CARDIO TAE-BOXE ~ GROUP FITNESS with Nathalie Archambault
53 mins / AveHR  134  84% / MaxHR  152 95 %  / 536 cals / 30 % fat / 40  mins InZone (75%+)
week  2/4.. wear my VB shorts and feel good.


I had lent a "clé USB" with my 3 sets of hiit s : 15-90 / 60-180 / 180-180 secs and got this note when she gave it back.. It really felt good
Bonjour Mary-Louise,
Un gros merci pour la musique en HIIT. De plus, j'aime les "tunes" qui y sont gravées.  Je commencerai mon entrainement sous peu avec ce soutien musical.
Merci encore de ta générosité,
Mance L.

Plan a meeting on Thursday April 20th at noon  with Nicolas Talia for a new Cross-Fit-style WO

BED AT 10h00 PM

SATURDAY, April 8th 2017

Mont Saint-Hilaire
HIKING  start at 140 pm with Gabriel
~2°C cloudy but no wind
up : ~ 50 mins / down : ~ 45 mins
Deuter 55l pack : at ? lbs


PAIN DE SUCRE up and down  



BED AT 10h00 PM

SUNDAY,   April 9th 2017
afternoon & PM chez Manou +5 early easter

9h29 AM BUNS OF STEEL Group fitness with  Nathalie Archambault
48+ mins  / AveHR  137  86% / MaxHR  155  97%  / 507  cals / 30 % fat / 40  mins InZone (75%+)
week 2/5-6?  / t.

 BED AT 11h20 PM

MONDAY,   April 10th 2017
Happy birthday Amélie M , Happy birthday Richard L

RLL gone for D. Good ridance.. now lets move forwards!

 BED AT 11h20 PM

supper at Club de Golf de La Providence for 25 yrs service and ritirees.. I'm actually at 30 years with CSSH but back then the years of service weren't counted the same way. Go with Gaby.

WEDNESDAY,  March 12th 2017

h57 PM PRECOR 576i
45 mins 
/ AveHR  134  84% / MaxHR  148  93%  / 456 cals / 30 % fat / 41 mins InZone (75%+)

 BED AT 7h30

THURSDAY,    April 13th 2017
difficult day at work, tired and nervous. and Very tired even though I went do bed early.
negociate with JP Mailhot at RSA about basement.

7h00 PM VOLLEYBALL with Gabriel,  at EURÉKA school / Play 'til 9h40
we're 13 .. with Laurent, GeeSee and his friend Oli .. it's a good evening

BED AT 11h30 PM

FRIDAY, April 14th 2017

9h02 AM CARDIO TAE-BOXE ~ GROUP FITNESS with Nathalie Archambault
52 mins / AveHR  135  84% / MaxHR  158 99 %  /533 cals / 30 % fat / 40   mins InZone (75%+)
week  3/4
.. Roxane & her bf are there. / I do well but at times still seem to have "baisses de pression"

BED AT 10h00 PM

SATURDAY, April 15th 2017

Mont Saint-Hilaire
HIKING  start at 9h18 AM with Gabriel
Deuter 55l pack : at 18 lbs

TEMP : ~10°C and sunny
13,6 k /+460m-460m

up 1h10 mins / AveHR  119  84% / MaxHR  141 99 %  / 574 cals / 45 % fat / 27   mins InZone (75%+)
down 42 mins / AveHR  104  65% / MaxHR  130 81 %  / 264 cals / 55 % fat / 0   mins InZone (75%+)
See 4 deers as we're 2/3s down.
up 32 mins / AveHR  135  86% / MaxHR  150 94 %  / 346 cals / 30 % fat / 28   mins InZone (75%+)
down 43 mins / AveHR  109  68% / MaxHR  145 91 %  / 300 cals / 50 % fat / 3   mins InZone (75%+)
Lots of people, families on Yellow  trail.

DIEPPE  up and down to pic-nic  table / yellow trail and   PAIN DE SUCRE up and down  



BED AT 10h00 PM

SUNDAY,   April 16th 2017
No gym because of Easter Sunday

all afternoon with M + D at Ste-Justine. D is all smiles

 BED AT 11h20 PM


MONDAY, April 17th 2017
Easter Monday

9h02 AM ZUMBA & TAE-BOXE ~ GROUP FITNESS with Nathalie Archambault
52 mins / AveHR  131  82% / MaxHR  154 96 %  / 465 cals / 35 % fat / 37   mins InZone (75%+)
I thought I'd have a Zumba class with an new instructor but she was absent.

10h03 AM BUNS OF STEEL / MILITAIRE ~ GROUP FITNESS with  Rémy Morrissette Marsan,
46+ mins / AveHR  127  79% / MaxHR  145 91%  / 421 cals / 40 % fat / 30 mins InZone (75%+)
 I thought I'd have a  class with an new instructor  (different from the one above) but she also was absent.

BED AT 10h00 PM

TUESDAY,   April 18th 2017
RV with Gynéco. Krystel Paris. Get prescription  A & VC for a year.

READING  We know that exercise is good for us.. but that it helps right down to the mitochondria.. is just recently proven.

The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles  by Gretchen Reynolds   / mars 2017

"certain sorts of workouts may undo some of what the years can do to our mitochondria."

"some did brief interval training three times a week on stationary bicycles (pedaling hard for four minutes, resting for three and then repeating that sequence three more times)"

"It seems as if the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was “corrected” with exercise, especially if it was intense," 

on the subject of Mitochondria, but not in humans, and not by exercising. :

Inverser le vieillissement, c'est possible ?  Sciences et avenir  /  février 2015

"Une souris décatie, en fin de vie, qui retrouve subitement sa vigueur, les muscles de sa prime jeunesse et des artères de souriceau. Non seulement son vieillissement semble stoppé mais, encore plus extraordinaire, inversé. Demain, chez l'être humain ?"

"En donnant à une souris de deux ans une molécule spécifique, du NAD (voir lexique ci-dessus), ils sont parvenus à rajeunir ses muscles, leur conférant la qualité de ceux d'une souris de 6 mois."

"Au cœur de cette expérience, un organite quasi unique en son genre et qui concentre depuis longtemps tous les regards des spécialistes de la longévité : la mitochondrie."



Doing just the minimum these days.. so as not to be too tired, and be able to better handle stress..

6h10 PM BUNS OF STEEL Group fitness with  Mélissa   Rémy Morrissette Marsan,
42 mins +  / AveHR  134  84% / MaxHR  157  98%  / 420 cals / 30 % fat / 31  mins InZone (75%+)
main course : 4 exercises 60 secs / 45 secs / 30 secs with 30 secs rest.

BED AT 9h45

Work, but day off of training. / D is out of the hospital :)  / no news yet about our basement  :(

THURSDAY,    April 20th 2017

Meet up with Nicolas Talaïa at Energie Cardio at noon for 1 hour
for a planning session of a program he'll prepare for me. I ask for a "mostly Cross-Fit type" program. He makes me try out various exercices so it's still sort of a mini WO.  I'll see him again next Monday on Sunday April 30th at 11AM when he'll show me the program and I'll do the exercises.

6h45 PM VOLLEYBALL with Gabriel,  at EURÉKA school / Play 'til 9h40
we're 6, then 12, then 9.. but it's a good evening even though some of the good players don't play that well.

BED AT 11h30 PM

FRIDAY, April 21st 2017

9h05 AM CARDIO TAE-BOXE ~ GROUP FITNESS with Nathalie Archambault
50 mins / AveHR  128  80% / MaxHR  152 95 %  /458 cals / 35 % fat / 00   mins InZone (75%+)
. N says that the class is all cardio.. so I don't do more than is asked for.. so it's less cardio than last week for me. but ok.

There is a Matrix S Drive Trainer at the gym that I tried out yesterday and I want to know more about. : suggestions :  forwards, backwards, sideways, in plank position with feet on floor and hands on treadmill : forwards, backwards. humm..
Gaby.. forget it It's worth over 5 000 $ , but I might as well use it at the gym, just in case they decide they don't want it anymore.

Matrix S Drive Performance Trainer

Weighted Sled Push
Sled brake with eight settings provides a true-to-life weighted sled pushing experience

Parachute Resistance
Parachute brake with 11 settings gives users the feel of real parachute resistance

BED AT 9h30 PM

THURSDAY,    April 22th 2017
Wake up at 3 am and think too much about the basement problems.
I was going to go to St-Hilaire but I need to rest.

SHOPPING — MEC Longueuil / salesperson : Fernando ADK 40/46

I already have the harness. It was my X-mas gift from Gaby :


Black Diamond Primrose Harness - Women's

The Primrose Harness is an affordable, all-around option. It uses Dual Core Construction with 2 slim bands of high-tensile webbing on the outer edges of the waistbelt and a venting foam insert in the center to balance comfort and breathability without pressure points.

  • Bullhorn-shaped waist with lightweight, breathable padding.
  • Padded lumbar insert adds some comfort during extended hanging belays.
  • Prethreaded SpeedAdjust buckle.
  • Adjustable legs with trakFIT adjustment.
  • 4 moulded gear loops and a rear haul loop.
  • Weight: 350g

EDELRID Zodiac Lite  

"Lightweight, hybrid helmet with a robust webbing closure system. Ideal for climbing, mountaineering and via ferratas. "

Weight: 335 g

My birthday gift from Gaby!

Longe Scorpio Vertigo Via Ferrata de Petzl

Explore via ferrata routes with this lanyard. It's equipped with 2 Vertigo Wirelock carabiners, and has retractable arm that won't interfere with your movement. A third arm facilitates traverses or allows you to attach it to a bar in order to rest.

  • Energy absorber is located in a zippered protective pouch, so you can check its condition easily.
  • Includes usage tips displayed on the energy absorber pouch.
  • Autolocking keylock biners have wide openings that are easy to operate.
  • Twisted attachment sling facilitates connection to the harness with a girth hitch.
  • Length of lanyard without biners is 85cm.
  • Lanyard arms are 60cm extended, 36cm when retracted.
  • Short arm is 7cm. (Must be used with a locking biner, not included.)
  • After complete tearing length is 210cm.
  • Weight:500g

Afterthought.... hey! at least the harness and the helmet can be used for indoor climbing...

BED AT 9h30 PM

SUNDAY,   April 23rd 2017
planned M+2 comme for lunch until after supper

9h31 AM BUNS OF STEEL Group fitness with  Nathalie Archambault
52+ mins  / AveHR  133  83% / MaxHR  157  98%  / 516  cals / 30 % fat / 40  mins InZone (75%+)
week 1/5-6?  / Feeling good except for my left shoulder.

planned BED AT 11h20 PM