Update #1 .

I've been working hard and am glad to tell you a little of what I've been doing. I've tried to write in quite a concise manner, without cutting things that might be interesting to someone, somewhere, sometime.

February 5th 2006


My xc-skiing  is going well, even though warm weather and rains  gave us  a lousy January.

I took a 1 hour private "catch-up" lesson to fine-tune some of my technique and put me in the right direction as to what to practice most. I learned of changes in technique since the time when I skiied, but Sylvie Girard, the trainer from Montéréski, was really encouraging that I have an excellent glide, weight transfer and style. Of course she also told me of 8 things to work on. I had a chance to jot them down with her after the lesson, so I can remember them.

But the weather is really lousy, even near Québec City it rained all week-end, so I have no idea when I'll be able to practice.

I'm also doing  Winter Hiking when there isn't enough snow for xc-skiing with my walking poles and a pair of "anti-skid detachable safety soles" .



Between my two weights programs I took  a week off  to try some other stuff. I did group classes in :

~ Amélie makes us work the hardest. I think of my boyfriend each time my glutes burn! LOL
~ Took this class right after "Buns of steel" so even if it is a low intensity workout.. I was happy.
~ I was very pround to follow as if I had already taken this class. My fencing legs helped me quite a bit.
~ This was a beginners class.. I learned mostly about breathing and the basic positions.
~ I had never thought of pedaling backwards with resistance, nor of pedalling standing up but without arms.. fun. good workout.
~ The teacher wasn't to keen on having me in class since it was an intermediate group, but actually I followed very well.

I learned a things that I'll be able to integrate in some of my training.



For strenght training I started  a new program on Jan 25th. The Cheif trainer from my gym made it up for me from my book "Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness". This is how it goes. :

WORKOUT : twice a week / almost always tempo at 3-0-3 / 30 secs between sets when not alternating sides or supersetting.

1) Forward Lunge with DB bicep curls, 2 x 15 ea side ;

2) Forward Lunge with Opposite knee Reach with DBs 2 x 15 ea side ;

3) Hip extensions on swiss ball 2 x 15 ;

4) Pulley / Cable Row on swiss ball 2 x 15 ;

5) Staggered stance cross diagonal row with DBs 2 x 15 ;

6) DB flat Bench Press with elbow away from body 2 x 15 ;

7) Lateral DB Raise with straight arms 2 x 15 ;
8) Front DB raise with straight arms, back against wall 2 x 15 ;

9) Dips 2 x 15 assissted ;

10) DB palms-up Wrist curls 15 ;
11) DB palms-down Wrist curls 15 ;

12) Squat to double-arm overhead diagonal wall reach with Medicine ball 2 x 15 ea side ;

13) Legs extensions with lower back and shoulders firmly to the ground 15 ;
14) Hold crunch postion with hands at ears and legs on the ground : max time



2 x a week I'm starting to alternate between the three variations of HIIT suggested for xc-skiing
15 sec - 90 sec : 12 times
1 min - 2 mins : 9 times
3 mins - 3 mins : 6 times

and 1 x a week I do a 60 mins Cross-Ramp or Cross-Country program. (That's like hills)

I'm still mostly on the elipticals but do some Stair-Climbing as well or other machine every week.

My warm-ups before weights are 12 mins stationary cycling. (no specific WUs are needed for endurance workouts)
My warm-ups before groupe fitness is 12 mins rowing machine.


I switched my class to "Buns of steel" , 60 mins
30 mins leg oriented cardio.. / AveHR at about 75%
30 mins glutes / hammies / quads / abs... burn baby burn!

I do a 12 min warm-up on the rowing machine and some push-ups and dips before the class and 20-30 minutes stretching after.




all in all it looks something like this :



Monday :
12 mins rowing
Group-fitness "Buns of steel"

Tuesday :
Ballroom dance class

12 mins stationary bike
strength WO
40 mins cardio including HIITs

60 mins cardio including (most of the time) 20 mins stair climber or other
20 mins stretching

xc-skiing or hiking

12 mins stationary bike
strength WO
40 mins cardio including HIITs

Day off

NOTE : Friday and Saturday can be inverted if I have an outing on the week-end.


I bought the Fitday PC andI logged for a full 3 weeks and learned alot, and am getting the hang of eating well and controlling my night-time snacks.
I'm not loosing weight, but I think that I am toning and leaning down .
Here is my three week (Thrusday to Wednesday) summary :

My calorie intake and calories spent in sports was like this :
(maintenance according to Fitday = 7 x 1,924 = 13,468)

Week 1's summary :
Calories eaten : 10,467 Calories spent in WOs : 3,613

Week 2's summary:
Calories eaten : 10,262 / Calories spent in WOs : 2,963

Week 3's summary :
Calories eaten : 12, 075 / Calories spent in WOs (lite-week) : 2,557



AGE : 52
HEIGHT : 5'6"
WEIGHT : 133

RESTING HEART RATE in the morning : 47
MAX HEART RATE estimate : 180
would really need to check that

Arms : 11" relaxed, 12" flexed
Waist : 26"
Thighs : 21" relaxed
Calves : 14,5"






























Still don't have full Range of motion but otherwise it's OK . I will work on it though!

RIGHT ELBOW : gets worst as soon as I use my hand event just a little, I'll see my Physiotherapiste again on Feb. 20th.

RIGHT HAMMIES TENDON : I'd give it a 9/10.. almost OK



So this is it for this month :)

Sorry if the style is rather boring, I didn't want to make it longer than necessary, and thank-you dearly for reading my update.