"It is as noble to strive for equilibrium as it is to strive for perfection, for it is a perfection to maintain equilibrium."      Jean Grenier

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Marykaa's Fitness Logs   ExRx  ~  exercise & muscle directory
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...   Stretching and Flexibilty ~ information
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    Functional Mouvement Screen ~ testing



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  Yoga Today
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  Leki ~ my hiking poles

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Creating an Inner Desire ~ about motivation  
Gmaps ~  Pedometer  

Cross Country Skiing

Animated Knots   XC-Skiing ~ Secrets of classical striding
Animated Yoga Postures Master Skier ~ Ski techinque and more
Ask The Fitness Expert ~ teleseminars   The Journal of Nordic Skiing

Madessimo ~ Salsa dancing  school

Le Sodanse ~ ballroom dancing  school  



Books where to buy



Human Kinetics   Fitday ~ Nutrition Logs
    The Bodyfat Blueprint




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