Update #3 .

Hello Friends and  Strangers,
Third Update.. I'm getting the hang of things!  And that goes for my updates, my web log and the gym. (ok.. not for the diet departement.. but that's another story) Anyways,  I think I can really say that I'm doing mostly free weights now. *proud* and I like the feel of handling the iron.  However, I did hurt my back a few days ago.. so it's weird putting up this UPDATE now.. but I'm optimiste it will be better soon and I'll be back to my regular schedule in no time.

April 2nd  2006

This is what it looks like these days


12 mins WU rowing
10 mins dips and pushups
60 mins Group-fitness Buns of Steel
20 mins stretching

60 mins Ballroom dance class

12 mins  WU stationary cycle
60 mins strength WO
40 mins cardio*

20 mins stretching
Yard work or outdoor cycling or day off..

4 - 5 hours  hiking

12 mins WU treadmill
60 mins strength WO
60 mins cardio*
10 mins stretching

Day off

*have been doing Hills only during ski-season and adaptation to new WO routine.



by Steve Lussier, BSc Kinesiology is Chief Trainer at  Energie Cardio (recent pics  of the gym by me).

I asked Steve for a program that will make me learn the basic classical exercises, in a full-body WO that would take me about 60 minutes. After looking through my past programs he spent all the time needed to teach me the exercises and find  the weights I should start at, or at least, around what weights..
For now they  take me about 80 mins..I go well for the first 8 exercises then slow down quite a bit by needing more rest or not moving fast enough from one exercise to the other.... but I'm getting used to them.

All exercises are as close as I can to a tempo of 3-0-3.

Started on March 18th  The weights are as of March 29th (4nd WO of the program)

1) Squats 2 x 15 ; BB 135 lbs  total
I really don't feel them in my legs or butt. but couldn't take on more because I have to get used to handling such weights with my upper body.

2) Dead Lifts 2 x 15 ; BB 103 lbs  total
Again it's not the legs (yet).. My lower back sure works though  in these first 3 exercises.  In fact I got a real scare after my 3rd work-out thinking I had hurt myself! Back aches scare me.. I'vd had my share.. but seems ok now .

3) Straight Legged Dead Lifts 2 x 15 ; BB 103 lbs  total
In the french system  these are called "good-mornings" because they use the same muscles as the good-mornings, but since calls them SLDLs I'll do the same in my log.

4) Standing Cable Leg Curl Knees close to each other while curling 2 x 15ea leg ; 40 lbs
These are done on a small stool so that the angle makes us work to the very end of the movement. I can hold on to something above me.

5) Chin-ups, hands parrallel on the Gravitron 2 x 15 : assissted at (140) - 60  lbs 
Trying to see what I can do with my shoulder..Parrallel is the only hold I could do without feeling my shoulder.. I wanted to do another.. but Steve told me to start with these and let my shoulder heel some more.

6) DB flys  2 x 15 : DB 12s
I am curious to how much more I can do on these. Had a "pinch" in my good shoulder for the first set.

7) DB militairy press 2 x 15 : DBs 15s

9)Standing  BB Curl  2 x 15 : BB 33 lbs

10) Triceps extension with high pulley elbows at waist  2 x 15; 40 lbs
This one is holding a thing-a-ma-gig like this :

11) Lateral Flexion (side bends)  with arms above head 2 x 15ea side; Med ball 3 kg
I think actually this is the exercise I got the most DOMS from the first time I did them.

12) Swiss ball crunch with arms above head with 5 lb DB and one foot off the floor :  2 x 15
Fun fun!  I love them LOL

13) Bending forward with butt against the wall with DB in hands : 2 x 15;  35 lbs
With knees very slightly bent so only the lower back works


And I do these at home with my Physio exercises :

8) Lying External rotation for shoulder 2 x 15 DB 5

14)  DB palms-up Wrist curls   2 x 25  with DB 5s  

15)  DB palms-down  Wrist curls 2 x 25 with DB 5s

Going great. I shifted the Thursday cardio to Saturday after the WO..
it's not easy.. but very rewarding, I was already doing them one after the other on Wednesdays but the reason I dared to doing it on Saturdays as well  is this quote  :

New Rules of Lifting  by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove   p.85

...that is, doing two opposing types of exercise (called "concurrent training") will interfere with each other, and your body will choose one or the other. In this case, your body will choose endurance over muscle growth, and strenght and poser may suffer as well.

     There is a way to get around this, and that's by combining an hour of strength training with an hour of endurance work in the same session. So instead of lifting and running six hours a week, spread over six training sessions, you do two-hour sessions three times a week.

     The program has been used in multiple studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and indeed, study subjects who lifted and rode stationary bikes three times a week saw the same strength and muscle growth as the ones who only liffted three times a week and the same increases in endurance as those who only rode stationary bikes.

Besides.. It gives me Thursdsays off to work in the garden or go road cycling.

I was pleasantly surprised a couple of times at my flexability, but I still have a long way to go to be anywhere near where I was long ago.. I don't even think I'll ever get ther after having stopped for so long.. but I'm doing what I can with PNF stretching when I have the energy for it.

Started doing 4-5 hour hikes again since the weather is warmer. Usually I'm not in shape for those before June.. This is great. Specially since I'm not even maxed out at the end of them.

We still have the ballroom dance classes so we still practice a few times a week and go dancing in Montréal maybe twice a month at the Do-Ré-Mi

and just April 1st we had reservations for a 90 mins initiation to indoor climbing at  HORIZON ROC . My back was still stiff with a "pinch" on the right side just below the waist, my right elbow is still weak from my tennis elbow, and my shoulder still has problems in some directions, but well.. I played a practical joke (It was April 1st) on all three of them, took a Tylenol for muscle aches and pretended I was ok. And it worked out fine! This will NOT teach me to "rest" the next time I hurt myself.. since it hurt me LESS to climb than to sit in front of the PC


It's been almost 6 weeks since I started doing the exercises  religiously and  it's really going well! I've switched from Physiotherapy to Massotherapy for  3 sessions (last one this coming Tuesday)  There are still some movements I have trouble doing .. and I'm working on them.. but in a more relaxed fashoin.

I have a dentiste appointement for May 3rd.. need it..

I really can't sum up my month.. It's going real bad. so I'll just give highlights..

March 19th.. 8 pm
I thought I was back on track.. but I'm not.. and I just can't find the courage inside me to get at it. and the worst is.. I think I don't care.. no one is going to like me more, nor less, if my weight changes.. and that's what I want, people to like me and to have  freinds.. so I don't know.. right now.. I don't care.and yes..  this is pathetic On the good side.. humm ?  I don't know.
March 26th..
was going better for a few days.. but lost it last night again. I really need someone to support me.. I can't do this alone. I'm asking for help on a forum with a support group for Weight Maintenance..
March 28th.. I decide to log everything I eat after 9 pm.
March 30th.. on my back all day but I stuff myself real bad..

Starting April 10th the I want to add  Cardio-Tae-Boxe with Amélie.. right after the Buns of Steel on Mondays... should be VERY interesting.. And also maybe the Yoga class that's just after mainly to get some stretching.. but I'll just try it at first to see how it feels to do 3 hours in a row.

With the xc-ski season over.. I'm starting to do HIITs again this week. But no 15secs-90secs one for now. I want to  concentrate on the 1 min - 2 mins and on the 3 mins - 3 mins HIITs which I think are the most suitable for hiking. I'm also thinking of wearing a backpack with some weights in it, while doing the cardio.

I plan to do my Program#6 WO for a total of 8 weeks, that will take me to mid may.. and then do a program specifically for hiking/backpacking until mid July when I hope we'll go on a hiking vacation and do some serious stuff.

My bad day of stuffing myself during the first day at home with my back ache made me realise that I HAVE to put my efforts into getting back on track with my diet. I've started a new page in my Web Log and won't log my Physio Exercises that much anymore.




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