Update #4 .

Hello Friends and  Strangers,
I had some trouble doing this update.. didn't really have enough to say.. so I figured I might as well wait for my new program. Thank-you very dearly for reading and talking to me about it.. it's really encouraging to know that someone cares enough to read me,  or gets some ideas to do things differently.

May 12th  2006

This is what it looks like these days


60 mins Group-fitness Buns of Steel
Doing lots of integrated HIITs in these classes. I got my HR up to 220-age a couple of times, and for more than just a few seconds in this and the Cardio Tae-Boxe classes. But in Buns of Steel.. we REALLY work the Glutes, Hammies, Quads, and Core muscles .. Burn, baby Burn!
60 mins Group-fitness Cardio Tae-Boxe
As I said above.. very Cardio.. but also excellent for mobility, balance, and the Core excercises at the end of the class are quite something as well.

60 mins Group-fitness Yoga I
Feels good to focus on flexibility.. but the balance needed is very interesting as well.

The three classes are back to back and make for a real good mix

60 mins Ballroom dance class

12 mins rowing WU
A little time to sort of meditate and get my mind on the gym instead of on what's going on in life.
60 mins strength WO
40 mins cardio ~ HIIT 1min-2min and 3min-3min

60 mins Group-fitness Yoga II
A more advanced class.. interesting..and challenging.

4 - 6 hours  hiking

Day off
Took me to the end of April  to know that I can do well in the Monday group-fitness classes, and change my off day from Sunday to Saturday. Doing my WO the day after hiking was really a challenge.

12 mins rowing
A little time to sort of meditate and get my mind on the gym instead of on what's going on in life.
60 mins strength WO
40 mins cardio ~ HIIT 1min-2min and 3min-3min

WEIGHTS Program #6
I took a  break from the weights workouts..for 3 WOs before starting my new Program. Was going to miss  1 WO because of a dentist appointement anyways.

I think what I wrote on April 30th best describes why I needed it..

I thought that putting my rest day between the Hike and the WO would be enough to get back some strenght.. but my body seems to be saying : " HO NO!  I know you'll go on and on for 4 or 5 hours.. so DON'T MAKE ME WORK THAT HARD".. while my mind is trying to convince it by thinking "Come on.. just a few minutes at a time.. give it all you've got.. won't go on for hours, I promise! " .. but my body doesn't believe me. 

However I have to say that I had asked the trainer to give me a program to "learn the classical exercises".. and I definately learned a number of them. and feel I attained the objectif of Program #6.

WEIGHTS Backpacking ~ Program #7
I'm glad to get back into something specific for my activities.

WORK-OUT Programm #7

by Steve Lussier, BSc Kinesiology is Chief Trainer at  Energie Cardio (pics  of the gym ).

This time I asked Steve for a program to help me with my mountain hiking, and with backpacking. I said I could do it twice a week, and maybe have a 3rd WO without the legs  to do instead of the Buns of Steel group fitness class on Mondays.
All weights as on First Work-Out : May 13th

1) Step-Ups  2 x 15 ; DB 8s On Reebok steps with +6 sections (total 16") 3-0-3
This is higher than I'm used to. also.. very important to ONLY use the leg on the step, and NOT tu push off the floor. 15 on one side before changing.

2) Step-Downs  2 x 15 ; DB 8s On Reebok steps with +4 sections (total 12") 3-0-3
I go almost down and up again.. 15 on one side before changing.

3) Hip extensions on Swiss ball  2 x 15 ; Ankle weights 8s  abs on ball and elbows on the ground  3-0-3

4) Bent over rows on low pully, narrow hold  2 x 12 ; 80 lbs  3-1-2(pull)

5) 1 arm row on high pully, narrow hold, on Bosu : flat side up 2 x 12 ; 35 lbs   3-1-2(pull)

6) Close grip DB press on Swiss-ball  narrow hold  2 x 12 ; DB 20s  3-0-3

7) Alternating Front raise on Bosu : flat side down.  2 x 12 ; DB 10s 3-0-3

8) Hammer Curls, front foot on Bosu.  2 x 12 ; DB 15s  3-0-3

9) Push-downs on Freedom Trainer 2 x 12 ; 50 lbs  3-0-3

10) Bosu Crunchs  2 x 15 ; DB 5  Arms above head 3-0-3
This SO depends on where we sit on the Bosu.. and how much we bend our knees or extend our legs.. any little change makes the difficulty vary alot.

11) Side Bends  one hand at ear,  2 x 15 ; DB 25  3-0-3

Going really well. Hard work but I feel the results. Took a break for a week at the same time as from my Weights WOs. even though I didn't feel I needed it. Doing mostly 1min-2 min , and 3min-3min intervals. I'll leave the 15sec-90sec intervals for pre-ski training next fall.

With the addition of Yoga since April 10th.. I can't help but get better flexability. Though I must say.. flexibility is the most difficult thing to get back.. and while I was learning to walk and get strong.. I completely stopped thinking about this aspect of training.. I'm paying for that now.

When I have the time.. I do 4 up&down hikes at St-Hilaire on Fridays..(5-8 hours) That's more than I got to in the past  years before the weather is too hot in July.. so it's going great.

We still have the ballroom dance classes til the end of the month, and go dancing in Montréal  at the Do-Ré-Mi or the Rendez-Vous, but the outdoor activities are taking over like every year at this time.

mid - April
Nothing can be as good as a qualified instructor passing tests that they know well.. but I had to do what I could so asked my boyfriend to check the web page photos and videos for the
The Functional Mouvement Screen  and evalutate me. According to him... I passed all the tests with flying colors but he also took pictures that I looked at and I noted how I felt.

2 minutes each :
TEST # 1 :  Front Plank easy
TEST # 2 :  Side Planks Left and Right no problem
TEST # 3 :  Back Extension easy
According to Gabriel taking photos and  The Functional Mouvement Screen
TEST # 1 :  Deep Squat I can do it.. but my ankles could be more flexible..(never were)
TEST # 2 :  Hurdle Step good
TEST # 3 :  In-Line Lunges easy
TEST # 4 :  Shoulder Mobility fingers hooked on good side, touching on bad shoulder down side
TEST # 5 :  Active Straight Leg Raise more than asked for
TEST # 6 :  Trunk Stability Push-Up for ladies it's thumbs at the chin, I did thumbs at forehead
TEST # 7 :  Rotational Stability good

About the only thing really bothering me these days.. is my left foot..(my metatarsals that are collapsed.). the supports I wear sometimes aren't enough when I hike more than 4-5 hours.. or jump around in the group fitness classes.. but I think the worst that can happen is that I have to use crutchs for a few days after.. so it won't stop me from hiking.

Excellent, just some dentistery to come.

I started a
Blog named " Mary, Mary, quite contrary.." and am still trying to find the way to lean down.

Dance classes stop for the summer at the end of May but we plan to reveiw what we did this year and the past years and make (for us only) a video of each dance.. to help us remember some of the trickier passes.

We joined a hiking club and I have two outings planned so far.. Mount Hurricain on May 20th but am very disappointed to miss Mount Washington because we have a Dance Gala on the same day.

Maybe I'll change the Buns of Steel Group fitness class to a Strenght WO without the first 3 (leg) exercises. my legs get enough additional work on the hiking, and since my arms have alot of catch-up to do.. it might be a good balance... It would also be easier on my left metatarsals..

Plan the summer vacations.. ride my bike..




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