Update #5 .

Hello Friends and  Strangers,
Time flies when we're havaing fun.. but the update is an important part of my planning.. since it helps me make adjustments and to see where I'm going. Of course it also helps readers make some sense of my logs, I can well imagine that reading them day by day doesn't really give a real idea of what I'm trying to achive. I love it when something we do serves more than one pupose, and hope you enjoy this page.

June 30th  2006

What it looks like starting this week.

but this will not be consistant since it's vacation time

10 mins stationary cycle WU
50 mins core and upper body strength WO
30 mins cardio ~ Fartlek intervals on Cross-country program
30 mins stretching

Day off

90 mins Group-fitness Super Workout II

30 mins Steps,
30 mins Cardio, including High Intensity Intervals. very varied.
30 mins strenght workout. Body Weight, DBs, Elastics, patners..
 With Amélie it's always very chanllenging.
*edit July 5th* thought it would be 45 mins cardio / 45 mins strength but it's not.

10 mins stationary cycle WU
50 mins core and upper body strength WO

2 - 6 hours  hiking

10 mins stationary cycle WU
80 mins strength WO
30 mins cardio ~ Fartlek intervals on Cross-country program
30 mins stretching

gardening, hiking, cycling

WEIGHTS Backpacking ~ Program #7
Finishing up this program and mostly on maintenance now.

WORKOUT Programm #7

by Steve Lussier, BSc Kinesiology is Chief Trainer at  Energie Cardio (pics  of the gym ).

Weights  on  May 13th
Weights  on June 30th

1) Step-Ups  2 x 15 ; DB 8s DB 25s On Reebok steps with +6 sections (total 16") 3-0-3

2) Step-Downs  2 x 15 ; DB 8s DB 20s On Reebok steps with +4 sections (total 12") 3-0-3

3) Hip extensions on Swiss ball  2 x 15 ; Ankle weights 8s  3 x 15 ; 10s
abs on ball and elbows on the ground  3-0-3

4) Bent over rows on low pully, narrow hold  2 x 12 ; 80 lbs  150 lbs  3-1-2(pull)

5) 1 arm row on high pully, narrow hold, on Bosu : flat side up 2 x 12 ; 35 lbs   65 lbs  3-1-2(pull)

6) Close grip DB press on Swiss-ball  narrow hold  2 x 12 ; DB 20s   DB 30s 3-0-3

7) Alternating Front raise on Bosu : flat side down.  2 x 12 ; DB 10s  DB 12s 3-0-3

8) Hammer Curls, front foot on Bosu.  2 x 12 ; DB 15s  DB 15s  3-0-3

9) Push-downs on Freedom Trainer 2 x 12 ; 50 lbs   60 lbs 3-0-3

10) Bosu Crunchs  2 x 15 ; DB 5  3 x 15;  DB 10 Arms above head 3-0-3

11) Side Bends  one hand at ear,  2 x 15 ; DB 25  DB 50  3-0-3

Mostly on Eliptical Precor 546 and 576i  but switched to Cross-country  and hills programs to stay in the mood of hiking for a while. I'm still incorporating some intervals.

No more yoga for the summer, but I DO feel more flexible. I need to keep it up though. Either yoga style or regular stretching..

Did some hikes with ClubRando. Wonderful people. Great hikes. Also hiked in the Vallée de la Jacques-Cartier, North of Québec City, with some friends. Some pictures in my log.


left : After about 4-5  hours of hiking and climbing.. we get to the last stop before the top.(between the trees on photo). 1 km (0.6 miles) more to go.. with 228 m (750 feet) of denivalation.  Alot of it will be "friction climbing" on bare rock. Alexandra (not from Club Rando) won't be going up. They miss-calculated the water in thier shared hydration system, and only have 1 liter left for her and Alain. It's a very hot day. They have to go down.

below : just part of the view that was as spectacular  all 360° around.

banner photo : on top of Gothics. A moment of peace and meditation. Photo taken by Gabriel.


My old cheap boots didn't like my recent hikes, they tore above the big toe. I was asking too much from them, but they served me well for what they were worth

Now I got new boots.. Merrell Summit II. First leather hiking boots in a very long time.. I need to feel a little classic ..
Now I'm ready to conquer the world! LOL

No more classes until August, but we'll go dancing in Montréal  at the Do-Ré-Mi or the Rendez-Vous and maybe practice a little at home.

Was getting better, almost good, but now back to not so good again. Maybe a rest from the Tae-Box this summer will help it. It doesn't really stop me from much but when it's in a position it doesn't like.. it really hurts.

Not sure if it's allergies, a cold or the end of the school year  but had a down week late June..Didn't miss a days work but wasn't at my tops.

Still blogging and trying..

Hiking plans for hiking in the Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie , in the Parc de la Gaspésie and in New Brunswick. I'm really looking forward to these and hope nothing falls though.

Cycling Will definately get some rides in.

Vacations July 13th to  August 6th
Eric, a good friend of mine from France, will be visiting us for about 10 days. He'll be coming with us to the Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie. Then we're off on our own (Gabriel and I)  and on our way back after The Parc de la Gaspésie and New Brunswick  we'll be going (costumed) to the Fêtes de la Nouvelle France for a few days with our friends Bernard and Céline. Three weeks that will surely pass too quickly

Enjoy my summer vacations.



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