Marykaa's Hiking

Training is good, but for hiking, there's nothing that beats hiking! " mls


Life keeps getting in the way..                                     
"We'd live better without life getting in the way,
but it wouldn't be worth living"
"Like for Mount Washington,  when we get to the top, we meet all kinds of people having taken different routes.. each is proud of their achievement, and rightfully so." mls

"Too many great adventure stories come from  unprepared travellers." mls



  The Adirondack High Peaks, New York, USA — 46 / 46  
  The White Mountains High Peaks, New Hampshire, USA —  48 / 48  
   Other Mountains for NE 115: Catskills-NY, Vermont, Maine, USA —  15 / 21
  Acropole des draveurs : Charlevoix, Québec (2 )+ Riverain
  Sentiers des Crêtes : Mont Orford, Québec (2) (3) (4)  
  Mont Albert : Parc de la Gaspésie, Québec    
  Mont Jacques Cartier : Parc de la Gaspésie, Québec  
  Mont Richardson + : Parc de la Gaspésie, Québec  
  Mont Xalibu : Parc de la Gaspésie, Québec  
  Mont Roundtop : Monts Sutton, Québec    
  Gosford & Cap Frontière : close to Mégantic, Québec  
  Sentiers des Loups : Parc Jacques-Cartier, Québec  
  Mont Mégantic +, Mégantic, Québec (2)    
  Mont du Lac des Cygnes : Grands Jardins, Québec  
  Dos de L'Orignal : Monts Sutton, Québec
   Mont Ham & Button : Estrie, Québec  
  Mont Chauve : Mont Orford, Québec (2)  

   Mont Carlton : New Brunswick


   12 day TREK in the Dolomites, Italy + 2 hikes

  Jay Peak : Vermont, USA    
  Hurricaine & Baxter : Adirondacks, NY,  USA  
 Cadillac Mountain, Dorr Mountain, Maine, USA    
 The Beehive, Champlain Mountain, Maine, USA    
 Giant Slide, Sargent Mountain, Maine, USA    
 Perpendicular Trail, Bernard Mountain, Maine, USA    
  Puy de Dome, Massif Central, France  
  Refuge de Larribet, Pyrénées, France    
  Refuge du Mont Pourri, Alpes, France    
  Lac Laplagne, Alpes, France    
  La Tournette, Annecy, Alpes, France    
  part of Tour du Mont Blanc, Alpes, France ( 3 days )    
  Lac de l'Étroit, Alpes, France  
  Col de la Rocheure, Val d'Isere, Alpes, France  
  Col de l'Entreporte, Alpes, France  
  Brèche de Roland, Pyrénées, France    
  Cirque de Gavarnie, Pyrénées, France    

  Paradise Valley / Larch Valley to Giant Steps, Alberta

  Wenkchemna Pass, Alberta    
  Plain of Six Glaciers, Alberta    
  Bourgeau Lake & Harvey Pass, Alberta    
  O'Brien + Taylor Lakes + Panorama Meadow, Alberta    
  Boulder Pass, Deception pass, Alberta    
  Stanley Glacier, British Colombia    
  Helene Lake + Dolomite Pass, Alberta    

  Healy Pass, Alberta


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